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I am mere hours now away from having the keys to the front door of my new home in hand.  I’m way excited, and very anxious at the same time. I’m praying everything goes off without any problem and in a mere 18 hours I’ll be unlocking the front door to deposit the dogs into their new abode and start hauling stuff from my storage unit into the place.

I’ve arranged to rent a Uhaul on Tuesday to get everything moved from my large storage unit, some of the furniture will be donated to Re-store which is a Habitat for Humanity fundraising organization, and I will be getting some new stuff on Wednesday.  I figured new place, new furniture would be a good investment.

I’m rather excited specifically about my new office room and all it’s beautiful windows of light.  Of course getting my heavy desk in there isn’t going to be a picnic at all, but once it’s in it’s never moving ever again.  I figure this will be my home until the end.  I can’t wait to set up the computer and do a new video for my Youtube channel from there.  I did one today from here where I am staying because I miraculously found my web cam in my quick packed stuff.  I didn’t even know I had it with me this whole month of being in limbo. I could have been doing videos all along.  Or using Skype.

The dogs don’t get what the hell is up.  They’ve gotten so used to our routine here in the woods now that it’s going to be a change to be taken out on a lead and being limited to a much smaller yard area.  Nola will adapt quickly as usual, she’s smart like that once she figures out her boundaries she’s good to go.  The puppy thinks the world is her playground and just jaunts about hoity-toity like nothing is in her way and nowhere is off limits.  So definitely setting up a lead to tie her out on.  Now that she’s mostly house broken and doesn’t use the wee pads as much I want to keep that up and keep her going outside to do her business. She is not yet good at “reliable recall”…she doesn’t come when she is called, thus I constantly have to go and fetch her to bring her back in.  Thankfully she doesn’t run away from me and make me play catch wtih her or I would have throttled her by now.  She sees me coming and just sits and waits to be picked up.  Maybe she has ME trained!

I doubt that I will be writing here for the next few days.  I will update my Facebook from my phone but that’s about it.  I won’t have internet or television for a couple of days as I have to have them hooked up.  The previous owner of the house had that stupid Dish TV and there are ugly black cables strung all around outside the house for that….I HOPE there is one there somewhere for Comcast cable, which is what I use for my internet and cable service.  If not they’ll have to come out and install one for me.  All those calls get made tomorrow.  Electricity, gas, cable…all those normal household expenses that must be connected in my name.

I do have fresh batteries in my camera so I will be taking lots of pictures I am sure.  I just need to remain calm and collected, to get this done in a reasonable and organized manner.  More chaos right now would not be good for me!  I’m sure it will all go fine, I just get nervous about things too easily.

Thanks for all of the comments and emails of support.  I do appreciate you my readers for following me through what has been a few very rough months–in more ways than one.  But this is a new beginning for me and I am going to make it a good one and myself better than ever.




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