The Countdown

I’m 2 days from having my own place again, and I couldn’t be more full of axiety, stressed out or excited. There isn’t enough Lorazapam in the world to cure my anxiety right now.

I ditched my GMC over in the pool store parking lot for a while, I’m driving one of the pool company trucks.  It pays when your family owns a company that has multiple vehicles that you can use.

Having the pick up trukc will help with the moving too. I have rented a big 17′ Uhaul truck for the major piece of it; cleaning out the 10’x 20′ storage unit where the main lot of my household goods are stored.  I have one smaller storage unit in a different location where most of my art supplies and collectibles are stored for now.  I am going to focus on getting the larger unit emptied in one fell swoop on Tuesday morning.  I’ve arranaged help and have it all set up.  Thank goodness for good friends!  I do hate moving as much as anyone else, but I have kept my cool and kept the things very organized so it should go off fairly smoothly.

Once I am in the new place this old computer is history.  I have a new one waiting in it’s box for a nice fresh start.  I have to fight with this one evey time I want to do anything, it freezes, the mouse won’t work, and it does all sorts of aggravating quirkly things.  I think I will talk it to Bob and have hime strip it down and clean it out, repair whatever is up with the mouse pad and get it back into working order.  The new one I have is an HP desktop, on the  all-in-one units.  I ‘ll keep this one once it’s fixed as my laptop for travelling and working outside on the porch.  My webcam is in storage wtih my other stuff, thus I haven’t made any videos for my Youtube channel lately either.  I have gotten lots of requests to do so, so that will be coming soon too.  Once the camera is located and everything is set up!  I’m so fucking excited to get it all back to normal.

A friend of mine came across this most interesting question:

I you had to live rest of your life in a library, a museum, or a zoo which would you choose?

I find this to be a very thought provoking question.  In a library you would be enclosed inside all the time, but you wouldhave the world literally at your fingertips.  You could read and study anything you wished, you’d have maps and photos and everything you could ever know about any subject that tickled your fancy on any given day.

The museum would be very interesting too, but again you are basically secluded behind 4 walls and don’t necessarily get to see the outdoors but you do get to intereact with many very cool exhibits, learning and stufying to your heart’s content.  The archealologist in me would love begin suck with a bunch of that stuff to study and ponder.

Now the zoo appeals to me the most because it has live creatures that I can love and care for.  I could spend my days watching them play in the enclosures, and I may even be able to befriend some.  I am assuming the zoo has outdoor space for the large animals and has habitats and all.  I’m imaginning the best zoo you could have here.  So I would be able to be outside in the weather and also inside when I chose.  I think I would be happiest in the zoo.

What do you think?  What would you pick?





One thought on “The Countdown

  1. Hey Ang, really good news! Now you can breathe a bit easier. As to your question, a zoo, a library or museum and which would I like to be stuck in…..oh my, these are three of my favorite places. Library…I am a book fanatic and history nut. Museum…love art especially the works of Leonardo de Vinci and many more..but I agree the zoo would have to be it, not confined to just inside and you would have lots of area to hike. Plus I get along with animals far better than humans…so zoo it is.


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