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Sunday Mumbles…

Lulu gave me the worries yesterday, she wasn’t herself all day, acted like she had a tummy ache.  She didn’t want to play at all, which is just NOT like her at all, and she was being lethargic and whining little mewing type of whines.  Finally after giving her a drop of peppermint and some white rice she started to act like she was a bit more comfortable.  Today she woke up her usual chipper, playful self and all seems to be back to normal.

Now the last week of November is upon us, I should be hearing about when I can get moved into my new place sometime here at the beginning of the week.  It’s probably going to be the 30th. I am anxious, but I know it’s going to happen in the next week or so, so I am trying to just be patient and keep things together.

Thursday will be Thanksgiving and I will be spending the day at my parents’ home eating turkey and being thankful for all that I have in my life. I’m thankful for my good health, and the good health of my family especially.

WordPress has done it again, presenting and seemingly forcing us to use a new editor.  I haven’t figured it totally out yet.  It seems they are always changing things up. I like how they have restored the draft saving function, which didn’t seem to be there with the last editor. I like WP in general, and it’s kept me on my toes with all of the updates and changes!

Alot of people are talking about Charlie Sheen and his recent disclosure that he is HIV positive.  I got several messages, with questions and a video of somene doing a piece about this…first of all I commend him on disclosing his status, that has to be very difficult when you are a very public figure like he is.  And it’s got to be bringing his former partners out of the woodwork with questions for him about when he knew, etc.

I am one who always discloses my positive status to potential partners, then they have the option whether to get involved with me or not. I’ve never had a problem, except that it is a difficult conversation to have with someone.  I keep my viral load on the undetectable side, which means that I have very little virus in my system and am less likely to ever transmit the virus to anyone else.  Plus I am stone butch lesbian, which makes transmission even less likely for me.  But with Charlie, he’s got to be using a condom for his own sake as well as any partner’s sake.  It’s just not worth the risk when there is a direct exchange of bodily fluids which is much more common in hetero sex situations..if you get my drift.

I used to do some prevention and education work around HIV and AIDS and I make sure that I stay abreast of the most recent stuff always.  It’s quite a manageable disease now, I take a combination of 4 drugs once a day and it keeps my virus in check. Lucky for modern science and research we now have a normal life expectance with HIV.  But still there is quite a bit of stigma and misinformation out there.  If you have any questions that I could answer ever, please feel free to shoot me an email or put it in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Mumbles…

  1. Some day we will get to a point where being HIV+ is not stigmatized, but the media circus really bothered me (reminded me of Rock Hudson).
    Because I used to work with ACT UP NY, I know a lot of guys who are long term survivors, and how much difficulty they have keeping up with the drug regimen and some of the long term side effects, including depression. Even having an undetectable viral load is not a walk in the park.
    Hope that you are able to move into your home by the end of November, and that you can string up your lights in your own place.


  2. Roberta Jordan says:

    Hi Ang, the days are counting down for your final move in. Just in time to decorate for Christmas. Sounds like little LuLu got into something or had a touch of dog flu.
    I am glad that Charlie came out about his status but if he knew and didn’t inform his partners he was being irresponsible. As long as people hide the fact that they have the virus there will be a stigma. Understanding and education help to dispell the fear. I have 9 grandchildren from 20 to 5 and they are all being raised to understand about sexually transmitted diseases and causes and prevention. Let’s be honest, HIV is here and until a cure is found it is something we must live with. So I commend you for being willing to discuss your status openly. Keep smiling!


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