Still Hanging in There.

GROWL!!!  I just wrote a whole 7 paragraph blog and LOST it.  My computer has been giving me fits lately, and I don’t know why.  Perhaps it’s time for me to actually USE the newer computer that I have in storage right now.  So here I am going to try to write again and this time I will continually hit “save draft” until I am finished.  What a pain in the ass, remember when WP would actually SAVE the drafts automatically every few sentences?  I do.

Like I’ve said lately, if it were not for bad luck, I would have no luck at all!  It’s just been a hellish couple of months.  Anything that could go wrong has gone wrong, and I am still trying to maintain my composure and just be patient.  Waiting out the bad luck period so to speak.  I am lucky in many ways though, so I do have to remember this as well.

I am completely moved out of my old place, staying with my cousin Laurie at the moment a little further up Maine, just south of Portland, and about 25 miles north of my regular stomping grounds.  I go down to the Kittery/South Berwick area about 3 times a week right now to do my errands and take care of any business I have there, as well as to visit my parents in their new house.  I miss being closer, I am glad that I didn’t look at any new homes for me and the dogs up here in this area, it’s just too far for me from my family, who are all in a short radius of each other between Kittery and South Berwick.

I’m grateful as hell to my cousin who I am currently staying with.  She’s opened her home to me and the dogs, and made us quite comfortable.  I have my own room and I brought my bed from my place so I am sleeping pretty good.  The dogs love it here because they can run and play in the woods and I don’t fear cars because we are so far from the road.  Only thing we have to watch out for is coyotes or fisher cats.

My cousin is a super good cook, and is very active.  She’s kept me quite busy!  I love her to pieces, and we have such a great time hanging out together too.  She takes me to some wicked flea markets and yard sales, she knows all the good ones, and keeps track of what fair or market is when and where like a champion!  We have a really super good time checking them all out.  Today I assembled a desk that she had won at a penny sale the other night, she does quite good at those types of things she’s always winning stuff.  And knows all the best sales and bargain places.

Nola and Lulu think we are on vacation.  It’s dog heaven here for them, like I said.  We had a bonfire one night when my friend Andrew from New Zealand was up here visiting me.  He was doing a whirl wind tour of the US and made a point to visit me in Maine.  I took him on my ritual tour of the southern coast, the beaches, the Nubble Light House and through the corridor of old houses and mansions of York Maine.  I think he really enjoyed it.  He was here for 2 days, the first night we had a bonfire and Laurie made a great chicken dinner.  The second night we hung out and watched movies with Otis and Laurie at the house after our long day of site-seeing.  He’s a really cool guy, I’m glad he made a point to visit me and check out southern Maine.

I am hoping to be in my new place before Thanksgiving.  It’s just a game of hurry up and wait right now.  But things should be buttoned up before the holiday and I will be back to the moving mode, just moving IN this time and not OUT.  I am looking forward to the moving in part, as long as it doesn’t snow in the meantime.  I would hate to be moving in the snow.  And I may have to put down some runner paper on the floors.  The floors are beautiful hardwood floors, living room is hickory and the kitchen is bamboo. I can’t remember what the master bedroom is, but it’s hardwood also.  The whole place is hardwood except for the spare bedroom, which has a burber carpet on it that looks pretty nice.  I don’t want to muck up the nice floors while we are moving my things into the place, especially if we DO have snow and mud by then.

The weather thus far this November has been phenomenal here.  It’s been sunny most every day and some days it’s been in the 70’s even, but most have been around 60 at least. Unusually warm for this time of year.  Especially considering last November we were buried in snow from the Halloween snowstorm.  …I don’t even want to think about that kind of winter or that much snow ever again.  Hopefully this season won’t be as harsh as the unusual winter we had last year.  I’m praying it won’t anyways.

So that’s the update, still in limbo, but still being patient and trying to stay as busy as I can to keep my mind off of things I cannot control.  Patience, patience, patience….still… 🙂

Peace to all.



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