I am mere hours now away from having the keys to the front door of my new home in hand.  I’m way excited, and very anxious at the same time. I’m praying everything goes off without any problem and in a mere 18 hours I’ll be unlocking the front door to deposit the dogs into […]

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The Countdown

I’m 2 days from having my own place again, and I couldn’t be more full of axiety, stressed out or excited. There isn’t enough Lorazapam in the world to cure my anxiety right now. I ditched my GMC over in the pool store parking lot for a while, I’m driving one of the pool company […]

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Bored…and waiting

I’m about to go stir-crazy insane!  I’m so bored just hanging out waiting on the date that I can move into my new place, the time is draggin on and it’s just driving me nuts.  I read, I write, I color my mandalas and I watch TV…it’s about as boring as it can get.  I’m […]

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Sunday Mumbles…

Lulu gave me the worries yesterday, she wasn’t herself all day, acted like she had a tummy ache.  She didn’t want to play at all, which is just NOT like her at all, and she was being lethargic and whining little mewing type of whines.  Finally after giving her a drop of peppermint and some […]

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Happy Dance

Everything is lined up and ready for me to get into my new place!  I am psyched and more than ready to be IN it now!  The dogs are even doing the “we’re not happy” dance because they LOVE it here at Laurie and Otis’s place in the woods!  So much room to run and […]

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Ex’s and Friends

Let’s talk about being friends with an ex.  Can it be done? Autostraddle did an article about it today, the question being asked was when you constantly fight with an ex after you’ve broken up, and are trying to be “friends” is it worth it?   I think it’s like letting them live mortgage free […]

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Noteable Quote…

“Sometimes you cahllenge life, sometimes it challenges you.  It’s what you do in the face of challenges that defines who you are and the direction of your life.” (Travis Roy, former hockey star and motivational speaker.  From a recent speech he gave at Marshwood Middle School here in South Berwick, ME.)

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Why Should I Keep Blogging?

I just read the most awesome and inspirational blog about what keeps people like me blogging and writing.  Despite having major computer issues right now, I am compelled to write more and more.  I am battling the computer and still I love it, I have a serious passion for writing that’s what spurs me on […]

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