Beautiful Day

So in the midst of all of the chaos in my life I have begun the process of quitting smoking.  It’s just too damned expensive of a bad habit and I want to be smoke-free and not dependent upon cigarettes like I have been for much of my life.  Great time to quit huh?  Well, my problems are miniscule compared to some peoples’ issues, and I know that.  Somehow I will come out of this tough spot I am in right now and I will land on my feet I just know.

I spent the day today helping my Mom unpack at her new house.  She and Dad bought a really nice new place.  I really like it and am happy that they found this particular property and decided to purchase it.  They are in their 70’s now and this will be their last house, they tried the retirement community living for 5 years after selling our homestead of 44 years. The retirement setting wasn’t really what they wanted, it was too restrictive about what you could and couldn’t do on your own property, so they ran into this new place – which is just perfect for them – and now we are moving them in and getting them settled.  Both of my parents are in great shape, don’t let their chronological age fool ya!  They are working right along like a couple of 40 somethings, and loving every minute of it.  I can see Mom having herself a pen full of Rhode Island Red chickens in the next year or so…she does love raising chickens, which is something she couldn’t do in the retirement community. Also, the new place has a large in-ground swimming pool like the B&B had, so that’s a huge bonus to all of us!  🙂  I can already envision pool parties and pool-side outings in the future!

I’m having a bitch of a time finding myself a new place.  Not much on the market in my price range right now.  I’m hoping that some new places will come up in November, although it is the holiday season…I’m running out of options with what is on the market currently.  There is one brand new place that I have looked at, but it’s about half the size of my current place….ugh…downsizing right now isn’t what I was looking forward to, but it may be my only alternative at the moment.

I’m bored tonight and worried about a friend who is in some serious trouble with the law, and it’s affected everyone in her family now.  I know I worry about my own housing and stuff, but this person has real serious issues to try to work out somehow.  I don’t know how people do it, how do you get from rock bottom to some form of stability when the rug is pulled from beneath you?  I am in no position to complain about my minor issues when there are people in this world with much bigger fish to fry than my meager minnow-sized problem!  And my friend has 2 small children in the picture, which complicates things even more…she also has a dead-beat husband who isn’t helping the situation much…wish he would fall off the earth on its next rotation! It makes me so angry that he won’t man-up and get a job and help her care for his kids, it seems so incredibly irresponsible of him in my opinion. I don’t know how he justifies living with himself being like that..especially with two small children to consider.

Tomorrow I am going to go out job hunting again.  Got a couple of places that I would like to apply, and I hope to get something that I can start fairly soon.  I know starting a job in the middle of this moving thing isn’t ideal, but I really need to be doing something more with my extra time.  A job would be a good thing for me right now.  I just need to be sure I tell whoever hires me the situation and that I may need a couple of days off to move at some point.  So tomorrow I will get up, shower and put on some nice clothes and get out there and hopefully get some interviews and get the show on the road!

Ok, it’s late and I need to get some sleep.  Even the dogs are tired after spending the day running around at Mom’s new place – it’s very dog-friendly and safe for them to run loose! They had a great day outside in the beautiful October sunshine and it was about 72 degrees here today!  Nice!

Good night world!  ~Peace!~  MB


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  1. Hello Ang, glad you posted, I enjoy each post you write. And this one sounded like you know the direction you are going in. Now about the smoking issue…you sure can pick the most awkward times to end a habit…right in the height of stress mode lol But I wish you luck with that and everything else that is on your plate right now. Until your next post. good night friend

  2. I always find that the times I most want to change a habit are the times I am most stressed; maybe because if I succeed I feel empowered to take charge of my life and it helps me manage my stress. Good luck with kicking the smoking habit, I know it’s not easy but if it’s important to you then I hope you stick with it!

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