Thursday Thoughts

I am trudging along day by day here still.  Yesterday I broke down the aquarium and sent the fish off to a new home, sent the tank off to a friend who wanted it and got that mess all cleaned up.  One less thing to move and store!  I do plan to have a new... Continue Reading →



Flannel season has officially begun.  My minimized closet, which has been minimized due to my packing to put everything but the bare necessities into storage, holds all of 5 flannel shirts and 2 cotton button downs for those dressier occasions should they arise. This time of year is my favorite actually.  I love my flannel... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Day

So in the midst of all of the chaos in my life I have begun the process of quitting smoking.  It's just too damned expensive of a bad habit and I want to be smoke-free and not dependent upon cigarettes like I have been for much of my life.  Great time to quit huh?  Well, my... Continue Reading →


What a week.  I feel like I am numb from all the chaos in my life right now.  I don't know how to act or react to anything.  I've had to boot a person out of my life, am struggling to find housing right now, and I feel just spent inside.  I don't feel like... Continue Reading →

Feeling Lonely…and Stressed

It's a cloudy October Saturday...I over did it a little bit last night and am tired and got a touch of a headache today.  I don't think I'll be doing too much today that requires any kind of serious focus or physical energy.  Lazy day at home I think is what I will be doing.... Continue Reading →

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