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Still a Bit Depressed…

What a weekend.  I did go to the concert on Saturday night, after working on the house much of the day; getting that junk pile hauled to the recycling place with Otis & Laurie, and cleaning up outside.  I was way tired and really not in the right mood for an acapella / barbershop quartet concert – some more upbeat rock and roll would have been better I think.  But it was nice, and it was something I had never experienced before so I can check it off my bucket list – forever.  I didn’t care for it much if you can’t tell.  Just not my cup of tea, so to speak!  It was very nice of my friend, who was in the larger singing group that performed, to invite me and we had a nice chat during intermission.  I went home immediately afterwards and basically FELL into bed exhausted from my day.  The name of the concert was “Songs of the Seacoast” by the way.  I guess this weekend was some sort of “concert weekend” here in southern Maine and coastal New Hampshire, as I heard there were tons of smaller concerts going on all over the place here.

Sunday was a bust.  I slept most of the day trying to catch up.  My body was just at that tipping point – I needed rest and I needed it badly.  I also think I am a bit on the depressed side right now because of the house thing.  I keep dropping back to that first house I bid on and am wanting to perhaps go after it a bit more aggressively.  It fits all of my criteria, it’s just older than I would like, but as far as location, layout, size and amenities it’s perfect.  If now I could just come to a price agreement with the seller it would be great.  So that’s on my mind quite heavily.  Today I am really going to try to do something about it.

When I get depressed I tend to sleep a lot and not answer my phone.  I also tend to not answer text messages.  So my phone has been going off like mad and I am ignoring it as much as possible.  I missed a call (or rather ignored it) from my new employer yesterday.  I’m supposed to call them back on Tuesday now.  Which is good, I need Monday to recuperate and get over this depressed state I am in.  Just knowing that that is what is wrong with me helps me to deal with it.  Hey, a lot has gone on in my life in the last couple of weeks, stuff besides the house, anyone would be depressed if it were them, I think it’s kind of normal myself.  And I will get over it I am sure.  But some things just still bum me out and make me sad.

This week is kind of blank so far.  No plans yet.  I only plan to mow the lawn today, since the stuff is gone now and the grass is getting quite tall.  Other than that I don’t have much else to do here.

Oh! I took the dogs for a walk in the woods on Saturday afternoon along with Brando, my sister’s labrador retriever of about 85 lbs.  It was a great walk, Lulu did awesome until Brando ran her over at about mark 5 in speed!  Poor baby cried and limped for a few minutes, he really bowled her over good.  But after some consoling from me she was right back at the walk and enjoyed the hell out of it.  She did really good staying right with me and not running off.  She copies whatever Nola does, and Nola won’t let me out of her sight so neither did Lulu.

Lulu is in the midst of being house broken.  She’s doing really well with it thus far.  Again, she copies Nola so if Nola goes outside to do her business I sent Lulu out with her and it all works out great.  I still use the wee pads in the house just in case and because I am not always home to let them out when needed.  Nola has a cast iron bladder and can hold it for 8 hours plus, but the little one cannot do that so she will use the wee pad.  As she gets older I am sure I can get her broken from that as well though.  She’s still just a puppy at 9 months.

Ok, it’s 2:15 am and I should really get back to bed.  Having slept a lot today I am pretty much wide awake, but I know that I should be sleeping!  I need to readjust my sleep / wake schedule some more still.  I got up at 1 am and have been up ever since….the house thing is just driving me nuts.  Plus I am used to being up now….it just became a habit over the last year.  One I still need to break.

~Peace~   MB

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