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Testing Grammarly…Insomnia night

I just downloaded a new writing assistance program, it should improve the grammar mistakes and spelling errors in any of my computerized writing stuff, email, WordPress, hell even Facebook I think. I am just testing it out right now. It’s already caught me making errors in just this one small paragraph. It suggests better words, different ways of punctuating, etc.

Got a good day of work ahead of me today. Going to work on getting the pile of debris that I have collected in front of my shed hauled off to the dump. I cleaned out the inside of the shed as well, packed most of the things that needed packing, and ditched the things that needed to go. Thus, the pile is an accumulation of scrap lumber, stuff I think is trash and some scrap metal. We recycle as much as possible here, so I will – with my cousin-in-law’s assistance and his truck – haul it off to the town waste disposal and recycling center (just up the road) and sort it off into the proper bins for recycling. Otis, my cousin-in-law, and his wife, my cousin, Laurie are going to go through the lumber and take whatever they can use up at their farm. They are adding on to the deck around the hot tub and may be able to use some of what I have stashed behind the shed over the last 4 years. Most of it is pressure treated – which the recycling center does not like very much as it’s chemically treated – which means no burning it, or I would have done that by now myself.

The Pope has been here in the USA for a few days now, and wow it’s been huge on the news. The broadcasters have followed his EVERY single step. Poor guy probably has to have bodyguards to keep them away while he poops! Hahaha! I have to say, it’s been a very very big event here. I am not sure when the last Pope visited, but I never remember anyone like him ever being here and it being such a huge deal. I think the guy is pretty awesome, even though I am not Catholic. He’s really made some impact on people around the world. He was supposed to have dinner with a bunch of dignitaries like Clinton and some other political weirdos yesterday, but he blew them off to have dinner with a NY chapter of retired nuns at their soup kitchen I believe it was. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. He chose to have dinner with regular people, schmucks like me and you, instead of the kiss-ass politicians. Poor dude is probably tired of talking to all of the mucky-mucks from DC and wanted to just have a peaceful dinner with regular folks.

He seems like a really down to earth kind of guy to me. I love that he is talking a lot about climate change and urging people and governments to take note of what is happening all around us before it’s just too damned late. Jeb Bush said he “…shouldn’t be speaking about climate change because he’s not a scientist…” Go figure! Politicians like Jeb Bush talk about all kinds of things…take immigration reform, for instance, Jeb shouldn’t be talking about that..he’s not an immigrant! If you use his way of thinking, nor should he be talking about the working class Americans…he’s definitely not one of those either. Sometimes these guys say things that just make no sense to me whatsoever. Actually, most of the time! It’s a shame that most of America has learned to tune out these supposed “leaders” and “defenders” of the Constitution.

I am one American that is very very disheartened by the political scene in my country. It’s disgusting….Donald Trump running for ANY political office is bullshit enough without him actually running for President! I think his bid for President is the biggest farce I have ever seen in American politics. It’s just a joke. He would be such a horrible diplomat/dignitary to represent our country. I don’t want him negotiating nuclear treaties…can you even imagine him pissing off the already crazy Iranian leaders? The world would hate us even more than it already does. We need a leader that has some control of his facial expressions and who has a much better grip on reality and who can LEAD the country, not throw it around like a business transaction. I am not saying that I know what is best politically for us, but I know he’s NOT it for sure. I will be appalled if he makes it through the primaries and gets nominated as the Republican candidate. When I see him open his mouth to speak about anything serious I cringe, I feel ashamed for him; ashamed of him.

Anyway, that’s my mini take on the Trump thing. I didn’t watch the first episode of the Muppets new show last week, but my buddy Nancy said it sucks. Religious people are in an uproar saying it’s vulgar, sexually charged and offensive. They want all puppets to be reciting the ABC’s and not showing inter-species relationships, i.e. Kermit and Miss Piggy’s break-up, and him chasing a new piggy girl. Seems funny to me, I’ve always liked the Muppets more adult shows, like their long ago stints on Saturday Night Live. I’ve always thought they were funny.
I’m not sure why Nan thought they sucked, I must ask her. I just know she posted on FB that she hated it. Not sure what she was expecting. It’s been different since Jim Henson passed away anyway…and now with them being basically “owned” by Disney you know it’s not going to be the same as in the old days.

I did a ton of hunting for new houses on the web today. My search has expanded to a much larger area…not happily either, but necessarily. The dogs have posed a problem. But I will NOT part with either one of my dogs just to find a house! They are my babies, and my family, and I could NOT even begin to think about parting with one, let alone choose which one to part with! I had to get permission to have 2 here when I moved here, and you would think that because they are both so damned small I could get another management company to give me permission to have 2 at another place. One place I did get them to give me an exemption for 2, but can’t get the seller to come to an agreement on the house so that one’s in the bucket.

I emailed a bunch of agents today…the agent that was supposed to be our buying agent seems to have disappeared. Not hearing much from her at all…kind of just silence since we did not take the last counter offer on one we bid on. I’m wondering what is going on with her, but not sure what to do. I feel like calling or emailing her is being a pain in her ass…but she is supposed to be our buying agent and is supposed to be finding us properties to look at and potentially buy. Maybe I am confused, maybe I am supposed to be searching myself and then going to her for viewings…either way I would think that she would have been back in touch with us about the first place, and would have suggestions and options for us on other places by now.

I have found several places that would work out, I just need to know about the pet policies of the various communities. You would THINK that real estate companies who agree to sell mobiles/manufactured homes in community settings would HAVE things like the park rules and park applications for each of the parks in their represented areas on hand. I keep being told that I need to personally call each of the park management agencies and request that information myself. Very aggravating for a home buyer to do when they supposedly have a buyers’ broker who I would think would do that for the buyer. Seems like piss poor way to run a railroad if you ask me. I would be much more customer oriented if I were an agent. I would want to make it as easy as it could be for my buyer, especially if I expected to be paid at the end of the process!

At this point I think I am my OWN buyer/agent. I will do all of the legwork, set up appointments for showings, make the calls about the dogs, and do whatever is necessary to find a place to call home once again. I got this, I can do it I know. I spent a good amount of time online today and got in touch with various agencies representing different properties that met my criteria. I did what a buyer broker should have been doing for me and I am a bit aggravated by this, can you tell? I hate when people represent themselves by contract to do one thing, but don’t do it or do another thing. If she doesn’t want to be our buying agent then she should just say so and tear up the contract. I am going to call her today and see if I can talk to her about what is going on.

I’m going to need one hell of a nap this afternoon if I am going to stay awake during the concert tonight! I slept most of the day on Friday and have been up most of the night, so now my sleep pattern is totally fucked up and off schedule. I think I should try to sleep for a couple of hours here now before I start on the outside work. Regardless, I will be a bit tired tonight, but I will still have fun!

~Peace!~ MB


2 thoughts on “Testing Grammarly…Insomnia night”

  1. MB, I especially appreciate your comments about Donald Trump – I’ve been thinking he’s about on a parallel with the current Governor of our state of Maine – crass and poor people skills and an utter embarrassment.

  2. Having bought and sold a lot of homes, I can tell you you have to do most of the work. Even before the internet, the agent expected you to go through the catalogs and chose what properties you want to see. Once you make your choices, they will pull the info on the house and the property disclosure. If you see something you like, they will set up a showing. They really act as keys these days and handle the offer paperwork and paving the way for closing. It’s really hands off and the buyer spends the time doing the searching. I’m sure buyers in the $500,000 and up range get a lot more concierge service, but if you’re one of the peons (like me) that doesn’t drop a wad on a house, you have do to all the heavy lifting.

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