One Long Day.

The job interview was short and sweet. I swear they just want to see what you LOOK like to see if you are presentable enough to be on the sales floor representing the company, because the interview was literally 10 minutes long and she didn’t ask many questions other than what would my references say about me.  Then we talked about what the job entailed briefly, I explained I had many many years of retail experience and would have no problem handling this job.  She explained the company benefits and the rather low rate of starting pay…guess I can at least get in the door and see how often they recognized your work and give raises and promotions.  I asked about moving around in the store, if I start in one department is there room to move to another department if an opening comes up.  They hire from within, so that is exactly the case.  Anyway, that was about it…oh we talked quickly about the swab drug test that I have to submit for employment..should have no problem with that one.  I was literally out of there by 10:10am and on my way to pick up a friend to go check out a house with me.

It will help me to have a job for the winter months at least.  It will give me focus every week, having to be somewhere at a certain time for certain hours.  And it will help out financially obviously.  Plus it will give me some extra exercise and help keep my weight down.  I’ve done well this summer getting back down under 140 and keeping it off.  Winter tends to put the pounds on me, I tend to eat more out of comfort, snack more watching TV at night and I’m more lethargic, thus not burning off the extra calories that I am taking in.  Having a job where I am on my feet and doing a lot of moving around 4-6 hours a day will really help me stay in better physical condition.  I have  become more aware of my tendency to gain winter weight, and this year I am resolved to NOT gain it back; to keep it off and try to remain trim and fit. I am looking pretty good right now and feeling good about how I look, and I don’t want to ruin that by gaining the weight back.

My house is full of boxes and much of my stuff is packed up and ready to move.  So for the next few weeks I will be living among a sea of cardboard.  I’m trying to have it all very organized while packing, sorting things out and getting rid of stuff I no longer want or need.  It’s crazy some of the stuff I have to dispose of….like boxes of old letters from my ex, old journals that I need to burn, and just things I never should have kept, but did for some sentimental reason or other.  I am just too mushy sometimes, too sentimental.  I keep things that remind me of people that I love.  I keep the little notes and cards, or the coaster or napkin from a certain date night. Just stupid sentimental objects that remind me of loving and fun times.  Much of this stuff has hit the trash now, or is cued up to be burned in the fire pit.

I cleaned out my tools in the shed, rather I packed them, I didn’t have much there that I wanted to part with at all.  All of my tools are considered “good stuff” and I shall keep them and continue to use them as necessary.  I have quite a good tool set, good power tools — and I picked up a nice Ryobi 10″ chop saw just yesterday that someone was giving away, I snagged it just in case I need it – and I will!  Where ever I move I am sure that there will be improvements to be made, work to be done and things to change to get the place to my liking and thus I will need and use all of my tools.  Going through all that stuff helped me to take mental notes of what I have too, as far as tools as well as fasteners, and materials to do various type jobs.  Like my painting kit has everything there to properly prepare and paint rooms; all the tools and various materials like spackling and hole patch, adhesives, tapes as well as brushes, rollers, and stuff like that.  All I would need would be the proper paint for the job.  No need to buy anything else.  I’m sure painting will be on my list with whichever new place I end up with in the end.  I’m still looking at a few different ones in different towns now.

I have expanded my search further up into Maine a bit.  While I would like to ideally be in Kittery I am finding that that may be just an impossibility.  So I’ve started looking around in other southern Maine towns in York County.  I’ll know the right place when I see it.  I really wanted the place I found in Kittery, but the seller is asking too much considering the age and condition of the property.  An offer was made, but I doubt he will take it and the offer stands as it is, it’s not going any higher.  Too much has to be done to it after the transaction is done and I am in there.  It’s not in bad shape, it’s all pretty much cosmetics, but even those cost money to do, and it’s pretty ugly inside as it is right now if you ask me.  I’m sure the age is scaring buyers away from it, that and the fact you have to find specialty finance company to finance it at a higher rate due to the age.  I would think the seller would jump at an offer considering he could be sitting on this property paying lot rent, taxes, electricity, fuel and upkeep on it while it sits empty and on the market.  Within 6 months he will have lost twice as much than if he sold it right now at the offered price.  Oh well, things will work out as they are designed to work out, I just have to trust in that fact.  What is meant to be will be.  🙂

I’m pretty excited about my Saturday night plans to go out to the women’s concert, and it’s local enough that I don’t have to drive very far.  I’m going to meet a new friend there and to enjoy the concert.  She’s actually in the chorus doing a couple of the songs and invited me to go.  I’m sure I will have fun and it will be relaxing and nice to be around mostly women for the evening.

Sunday is my Dad’s 75th birthday….wow.  It just doesn’t seem possible that he’s really 75 to me.  We’re having the traditional family dinner at his house, Italian style, pasta, salad, bread and wine.  It will be nice to see my whole family gathered together once again before Christmas, which we now don’t really do the whole family gathering for, but we do have a party pre-Christmas that everyone attends.  Christmas itself is too wild a day to try to plan to get the whole fam-damily together in one place too.  My brother and sisters have kids, and hauling them around and arranging a time that fits everyone on Christmas day has just become impossible now.

BUT our annual Pumpkin Carving party is coming up on October 17th !  That’s the BEST party we have I think!  There’s always a ton of people, a boat load of food and many, many pumpkins being slaughtered in the name of artistic celebration.  It’s always a total blast every year.  And the cooked up pumpkin seeds last us a few weeks afterwards. I love salted pumpkin seeds as a snack.

Have a great day!  ~Peace!~  MB


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