Happy Hump Day!!

I have been on this schedule of waking up between 2am and 3am mornings for so long now that I am just stuck in the pattern.  Thus, here I am awake at 2:10am this morning, and having my coffee now.  I woke with a touch of a headache…ouch.  Coffee should help me get it to go away though.

I had some friends come by last night and hang out for a couple of hours.  We had a blast playing with the puppies.  One of them, Meri, was especially enamored with Lulu — who ISN’T in love with that little Fuzzbutt??! — and they played and played.  She is a dog groomer who really likes Poms, so on Saturday she’s going to give Lulu a full grooming and clip her up all pretty, do her nails and all. Lulu is going to have a spa day! 🙂

After we had a great visit they left, and I got a phone call from a very good friend.  We talked on the phone for over 3 hours!  Amazing!  I guess my friends know that I am having a bit of a tough time lately and they are being really supportive, not letting me sulk or have time to be sad all alone.  I really appreciate it.

On Saturday night I am going out to a concert with another friend.  It’s a women’s barbershop chorus, and other women’s music type concert.  Ought to be super fun and I’ve been invited to the after party sort of meet and greet as well.  I’m really looking forward to putting on some nice clothes and having a night out on the town, so to speak.  🙂

I worked in my shed all day yesterday sorting through all of my tools and organizing them for the move.  I managed to clean it out pretty thoroughly and made a good sized pile to get rid of…while I was doing the task a couple of dudes stopped by because they saw me lining stuff up on the lawn while I was cleaning, they ended up buying some of my power tools that I don’t use or need anymore – a small air compressor, some air powered staplers and hoses…so it paid off to get the task out there done!  Now if I can just get someone to haul off the pile of lumber I have stacked behind that shed I will be golden.

So, I’ve been trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of things.  It’s working to some degree, at least I’m making good use of my time and energy.  When I am upset or nervous sometimes I have to do things to work off the excess energy created by my mood.  Good thing I have so much going on in some ways, it really helps.  I hope I can make some good use of my time today, I do have quite a little list of things to get accomplished before the weekend.  I would like to have things pretty much organized by then so that I don’t spend my weekend working, but try to take some time to relax and enjoy it instead.

Hope you’re all having a great week! Happy Hump Day!!!  😀

Peace!  ~MB~


3 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. Is there going to be a before and after photo of Lulu’s makeover? 🙂 lol I’m trying to imagine it now. It’s so nice when friends reach out. You know, I was thinking, you remind me of my fiance a bit with the whole keeping busy thing lol he always has a list he’s checking off and I worry sometimes that if he stops moving his head will explode lol on the bright side, I am way more organized now 🙂 Have fun at the concert!

    1. Oooo…yes! I will definitely do before and after pics of Lulu’s spa day! I have lists that I work off of constantly, must keep busy or MY head will explode! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!!

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