General Blips


When I am frustrated or nervous I pace.  I pace back and forth in my house, wearing a trail in the floor.  It’s nervous energy, I just can’t not do it.  So I pace and I think, and I pace some more, and think twice about what’s on my mind.  Lately I’ve been pacing a LOT.  I just get too much stuff going on in my head at once and can’t seem to make heads nor tails out of what to do about any of it.  Maybe there is nothing to do.  Maybe I am just driving myself crazy about a bunch of nothing.  Those changes I spoke of a few blogs ago, they are happening slowly…that’s on my mind too.

Fall is coming in fast.  It’s cooler today, and the wind is blowing ever so slightly.  I am sitting outside on my porch in the sun typing this out.  I love this time of year, it’s the time we can don our hoodies and be comfortable in our clothes.  No more sweating and no more air conditioning to stay comfortable.  Just fresh air and more comfort.  I like fall because you can wear all the great clothes in your closet without worrying about being too hot.  I like that it’s cuddle weather, you find a cuddle buddy and snuggle in for the season.

I am frustrated with my camera on my phone.  It won’t let me share pictures except on Viber….which it doesn’t look like I will need to even keep as an app now.  I wish like hell I had my HTC phone back.  I have two of them, both broke in different ways, so I am going to take them to the repair shop and have them made into one good unit.  The camera on the HTC is better than the one I have on this phone anyways.  But the pictures that I want to share are on this stupid phone…grrrr….another stupid aggravation.

I have a lot going on this week.  It’s going to be a long and tough week for me.  Multiple doctor visits and other stuff…I will be glad for next week to get here, and to be done with this one.  I wish I were in a better mood, but nothing seems to help.  Maybe after the week is over and the hard stuff is behind me, I will feel better and be able to have some fun next weekend. I sure as hell hope so.  At least it’s something to look forward to.

I did get my porch all refinished.  Pressure washed it and painted it, put new posts and new PVC lattice work up.  It looks great; looks terrific even.  I worked really long and hard at getting it done in time for today’s event.   If I could share a photo with you I would, but alas the stupid phone won’t let me.

Hope you all have a great day!  ~Peace~  MB


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