Maybe I’m Moving…

It’s the first night of regulation play for the New England Patriots, and they’ll face off against the Steelers tonight on TV…I can’t wait.  I do love football very much, it just give me so much pleasure to watch and to cheer for my beloved Patriots!  I’m about to take a nice hot shower, as I am still covered in little droplets of paint from working on my front porch deck today.  My buddy Tyler came up and helped me, we got the whole thing pressure washed yesterday, stripped to the bare naked wood and nice and clean. Today we primed the whole thing, and then painted two coats of a nice Valspar deck and porch paint…battleship gray to be exact.  It came out really nice.  Now I’ll get some of the PVC plastic lattice and put the railings and lattice work back together, and it should really spiff up the front entrance to my house very nicely.

I am sort of preparing to move.  I’ve been doggedly working on this place getting it ready for showing, as it is on the market for sale.  It’s been a long and tedious task.  I have filled my off-site storage locker to the brim with “stuff”.  Where all this “stuff” comes from and what I am going to do with it I am totally clueless.  It’s things that I have accumulated over the decades, some of it has sentimental value to me which makes some of it really hard to part with, but at some point I have to carefully go through it all and decide what stays and what has to be either donated to thrift stores or trashed.  While I was cleaning out the house I did whittle it down a bit.  I trashed stuff that just needed to be gotten rid of and I carefully packed up the rest and put it into storage.  One of the things that I have a ton of is old journals.  You remember those handwritten types of journals that we all used to keep?  I have about 40 of them in total.  I did go through and trash a few, and I have more that need to be burned or destroyed.  They are of no use now to me or anyone else.  Today I still keep notebooks…sort of “like” a journal…but they consist of notes about things, not really any more of the journal entry type writing.  I save most of that stuff now for my online blog.

This blog has become my connection to journal keeping in this century.  I have been blogging online since 2007, here on WP (and elsewhere in the beginning).  I’ve written about lots of different stuff, different people and places and things.  I enjoy blogging and will probably do it until I croak. It’s just something I love to do. And I have met some of the best people in my life through my blogging and online presence. My blogging has changed and evolved over the years.  Recently I have stopped blogging about some of the more personal aspects of my life, like romance and love.  It just seems to cause problems when I open up about that stuff online.  It’s just as well, I don’t need any more complications in my life.

The preparations for moving have got my dogs a little on the nervous side. Nola hates to see cardboard boxes or plastic totes being filled with items from the house…she just KNOWS that it means we are changing locations.  I haven’t moved now in over 4 years, and I was quite settled here.  But I would really like to be in a different, nicer neighborhood; have a good reliable water supply and as terrible as this may sound, a few less kids screaming around.  I like kids, but there are so many in this neighborhood.

This home I am currently occupying would better be inhabited by some family with children, they could blend right into the neighborhood no problem.  I am going to stay in southern Maine, and am looking at moving back to my hometown of Kittery, Maine perhaps.  There is a place there that I am very interested in that meets my requirements as far as neighborhood, water and less kid action go.  It’s also a bit larger, has a nice office room (yay!) and is on a lot at the end of a cul de sac, which appeals to me greatly. Privacy is very important to me, and this place has nice space between units which affords everyone more privacy.  It also has about twice the yard space as where I am which would mean I could do a vegetable garden as well as my flower gardens.

Now, if this place doesn’t sell, then I am not opposed to staying here.  It’s really a nice place and with all the work I have done to prepare it for resale, really it wouldn’t be bad to just stay put.  So, that’s the deal.  I may be moving or I may not.  It’s all in the way this goes.  I am hoping it sells and that I can get the place in Kittery that I am attracted to, but if it doesn’t then I am just fine staying here.  I’m not going to stress over it either way at the moment.

So that’s what has been going on this week in the world of MainelyButch.  I hope that everyone is doing well, staying healthy, keeping happy, and being kind to each other!

~Rock on~



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  1. My attitude has always been to keep my house so that it could be sold quickly if I would ever need to. It isn’t always true in practice though.

    I too have dozens of journals. I actually use them as kind of a back up brain. If I can remember about the year that I met a certain person, or a certain event happened in my life, I can go back and find details in my journals.

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