How to love someone properly is a wide topic.  Everyone needs and desires something different.  Everyone has had different experiences in the love department throughout their lives.  Maybe some are so scarred from those experiences that they carry those scars on into the next "relationship" that they attempt to have. I am not one who... Continue Reading →



I’ve been a very blessed and lucky Butch.  I have so very many things that I have done and learned during my almost 54 years here that have formed who I am today.  I learned a long time ago that you cannot force someone to love you.  That love – real love – comes from... Continue Reading →

Still a Bit Depressed…

What a weekend.  I did go to the concert on Saturday night, after working on the house much of the day; getting that junk pile hauled to the recycling place with Otis & Laurie, and cleaning up outside.  I was way tired and really not in the right mood for an acapella / barbershop quartet... Continue Reading →

The Lion’s Gaze

A very good read….and I quote: “The problem with trying to earn the respect of someone or something in this manner is sooner or later they are chucking more sticks then you can ever hope to fetch. You become confused, unsure what direction you should follow, or what branches are worth retrieving. Soon that confusion festers and becomes anger. You’re tired. You’re bitter. You dream of success and of lashing out to bite the hand that feeds. You become so caught up in playing games of fetch that you just end up chasing your tail around in circles.”

The Renegade Press

There is an ancient fable from Terma in which Padmasambhava, a literary character, appears before a Terton and teaches him how to better focus his emotions. Padmasambhava says that when a stick is thrown to a dog, the dog will chase the stick. Yet when you throw a stick to a lion, the lion chases you. A dog’s gaze will always follow the object: the stick. The lion gazes steadily at the source: the thrower.

Yep, that’s right. After a brief absence from this site I’ve returned to drop some obscure philosophy served with a side of self-indulgence on you that’s sure to leave you scratching your head wondering why the hell you’re even reading it.

But hear me out. Open your mind and be prepared to look beyond the stick and instead focus on what is really important: the thrower, and why they tossed it in the first place.

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Testing Grammarly…Insomnia night

I just downloaded a new writing assistance program, it should improve the grammar mistakes and spelling errors in any of my computerized writing stuff, email, WordPress, hell even Facebook I think. I am just testing it out right now. It's already caught me making errors in just this one small paragraph. It suggests better words,... Continue Reading →

One Long Day.

The job interview was short and sweet. I swear they just want to see what you LOOK like to see if you are presentable enough to be on the sales floor representing the company, because the interview was literally 10 minutes long and she didn't ask many questions other than what would my references say... Continue Reading →

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