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A Local Murder…And Army Rangers!

So there was a murder at one of our local grocery stores yesterday, it seems that a 31 year old transguy attacked and stabbed to death a 59 yr old woman.  The guy is now being held in the female section of the county jail, but in administrative segregation.  It’s going to be very interesting to see how this all pans out.  The trans gender issues in our judicial system is a whole new ball game for some places, like rural Maine.

No one knows why this dude attacked the woman, or what his motive was at this point.  The defender is going to try to claim temporary insanity.  But seeing where this took place I can imagine that something was “said” and it spurred violence to follow.  Sadly.

I will follow this story, obviously it’s become a big deal on our local news station.  And now with this twist from it being a “woman” yesterday that attacked another woman to it being a man today…it’s got the whole town talking.  The reporter tonight even did a background on the guy and revealed his former name and local ties.  I thought that was uncalled for, but I suppose it’s news fodder for the desperate news jockeys in southern Maine.  They are using his current name on the news reports, and explaining in their reports that he now identifies as male.  It’s too bad that a split second rage has now cost him his freedom and a good part of his life, plus the life of the poor woman as well as all of the effect it will have on her friends and family.  I hate random violence, or violence in general. And when it involves someone from my community it stings just that much more, whether they be victim, as most often is the case, or perpetrator, as in this particular case.

In Other News:

Other news that has caught my eye is the story about the first two women to become US Army Rangers.  Ranger training is known in the Army as the epitome of hard core.  I wish that when I was in that it would have been an option, I would have loved to have had an opportunity to have attempted it.  Perhaps I would have been in the 60% that fail the course, but I would have given it one hell of a try.   I’m proud that there are now women interested in Ranger training, and actually making it and becoming US Army Rangers…hooooorahhhh.


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