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Anniversary Day!

Happy Birthday flat chest.  Today is my 1 year anniversary of my chest surgery.  I can’t even tell you how awesome it has been for me since shedding my stupid boobs. I love my flat chest, and I still believe it’s the best thing I EVER did for myself.  My clothes fit better, I walk more upright, I am not self conscious anymore, and I can’t even relate to ever even having had the boobs that I did have.  Yay!

Oh, and I have been writing, just not publishing much publicly.  I have to write, it’s my vent and my stress reliever.  I like to write, it makes me happy.

These lazy, hazy hot days of summer are almost over. Fall will be setting in shortly, and out will come the hoodies and long sleeves once again.  I like the cooler months, but NOT the snow.  I like dressing in layers, and I like my flannel shirts, flannel lined jeans and the vast array of workboots in my closet.  I’m more than ready to have fall here, but not ready for another long winter.  I’ve been looking around for a job…yes, I should go back to work for a while.  I wish I could get into a position where I liked it enough to stay with it year round, but that hasn’t happened the last couple of years.  I’m kind of hoping to get back in to Home Depot’s delivery department, just at another store.  I liked that job, although it was tough work it kept me busy and occupied, and built my legs up good.  I left it a little over a year ago for my surgery and such.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go fishing with my buddy Tyler.  It’s going to be brutally hot and humid…thank goodness we’ll be on the water, still…heat is heat and I sweat like crazy.  I’m hoping it will be a good day and we’ll have a lot of luck with the Bass fishing. Planning to do some swimming too, hell, we’ll have to to beat the heat. I should get a NH fishing license today and not try to beat the warden by fishing without one…we’ll see, maybe I can get over to Suds ‘n Soda later today to get one, and pick up some new lures while I am there.

It’s that time of year when I have to start thinking about getting the house ready for the grueling winter cold and snow.  I’ve got to think about filling the oil heating fuel tank ($$$) and winterizing the windows…which I don’t do until the last gun is fired because I like them open for fresh air.  I don’t believe I did that last season, and it wasn’t too bad..this place seems to hold heat in winter, and stay fairly cool in summer…it’s well insulated I believe.  Plus I have a zillion other little projects to do around here like touch up paint in some areas, and things like furnace cleaning and maintenance, etc.  Seems like home maintenance is a never ending thing.  Which it is, some have the means to pay to have it all done for them, then there are those like me who tend to do it all themselves.  Hey, it gives me purpose and something to keep me busy!

Today I am going to buy a new android phone.  My HTC Desire 610 got the internal LCD screen cracked or damaged somehow at the beach last week.  Since then I have had to buy a cheapie burner phone (ZTE Maven) which I have already dropped without a case on it and cracked THAT glass screen, although not badly.  I’m going to try the Asus Zen Phone for a while.  It has good reviews, and Best Buy has the cases in stock for it…a phone without a protective case is just stupid, you’re asking to have the thing get damaged.  I do not like iPhones, and the price for them is WAY too high anyway for my blood.  Hell, you can buy a good beater car for the price of a single iPhone!  haha

I have researched synching my iTunes library to my Android phone.  I find that there is an app, DoubleTwist, that you can download that will allow you to do this sync.  We will see if it works later today!  I would love to have my music on my phone too, instead of having the separate iPod.  I bet ButchCountry67 would know more about the iTunes/Adroid problem and solution than I would!  She seems to be a bit more tech saavy than I am.  Although you would think with all the devices that I own that I would have these problems under control.  I am gravitating towards using one device, plus my laptop, for everything.  Hell, I even started using the calendar to remember stuff recently!…so I am advancing!

This weekend is the Coyote Ugly party at the club…I’m waffling about going now, I just don’t feel into it.  Fact is my mind and heart are just else where and I am not interested in much else at the moment.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll go, maybe I won’t.  And that’s all for now!  Peace!!!!  ~MB


5 thoughts on “Anniversary Day!

  1. Congratulations on the one year anniversary!
    I have a big surgery anniversary in August that I call my birthday. I try to remember to celebrate it, because I need a happy day to balance out all of the sad anniversaries (injuries, passing of friends, etc …)


  2. Sounds like you are going to be busy, busy! Just don’t overdo. You are lucky to have shed your chest, I find the two sisters to be nothing but a hindrance at my age, gravity is not a friend. Writing is my salvation. I would have gone mad without it. So never stop. Enjoy tomorrow!


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