Writer’s Block? Nawwww


I think I have a touch of writer’s block too.  I was reading another blog about it, which reminded me that I haven’t been writing as I usually would very much lately.  It’s the dog-days of summer as they call it (who the fuck is “they” anyway, ever think about that?)  and I am a little bit bored, a lot lonely and very much restless.

Yesterday I packed up the dogs and hit the beach down on the river for a while.  Why the river and not the ocean which is a stone’s throw away?  It’s more private, not many people know about that particular beach and it’s got a really nice park, plenty of free parking and lots of room for the dogs to play without being near other people.  Nola is not very social with people or other dogs, so I am always aware of where I choose to take her because she can be a little on the anti-social side petering on aggressive.  Lulu on the other hand would go to anyone, play with any other dog and is a little social butterfly.  Two very different personalities I have here.

Lulu went into the water without much hesitation.  She actually swam even for a bit.  She’s such a cute little thing, looks all prissy but inside she’s a tough little nut.  I stopped by the vet’s office with her last Tuesday and weighed her on the dog scale there, she only weighs 3.6 lbs.  and she’s very close – if not – full grown!  She’ll be 7 months old in 2 days.  That is one TINY dog!  And people just love meeting her, always remarking how tiny she is but how sweet she is as well, she will lavish kisses upon anyone who will accept them!


During the beach excursion somehow my phone got destroyed. I’m not sure what happened, but the interior LCD screen got cracked, and I couldn’t read or respond to anything on the phone.  It wouldn’t let me even answer incoming calls.  It would notify me just fine, pinging and beeping like mad as people tried to reach me all day, but I could not see what was going on or who it was.  This is when you know you depend upon your phone as your life line.  All of the photos I have in it and my apps….jeeeezus it drove me fucking nuts not having it!

So off to the phone store I went mid-afternoon.  I was going to switch over to an old iPhone S4 I had procured, but once I got to the store it became obvious that I should just buck up and buy a burner phone. So I picked up a small ZTE Maven 812 to temporarily use (and to have as a back up in case this happens again!) for $59 bucks.  I will have my HTC 612 Desire repaired as soon as I can get over to the repair store….AT&T couldn’t do it.  I love that phone, and actually I want the M8 version, but am waiting to see if the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge prices drop a bit after the release of the new iPhone in September.  I overheard the Apple rep at the store telling a couple that the price for the iPhone 6’s was about to drastically drop because Apple is releasing a newer version of the iPhone and a new operating system mid-September 2015.  This also means that other popular models like the Edge will drop a bit too.  I would REALLY love to have an Galaxy S6 Edge, so I’ll wait a bit, use the ZTE and try to get myself an Edge in September.  I want it in Gunmetal Gray….just because it just sounds so Butch!  ha!

It took me a little bit to get my regularly used apps installed on the new phone, and I am finally back in business with my connection to the world.  Thanks to Facebook messenger I was able to let people know that I was without my phone temporarily.  It’s really a bitch trying to stay connected to the world sometimes.  I wonder what we did before cell phones…or I should say I can barely remember.  I recall the days of carrying a beeper…it would go off with a phone number coming up on it and you would find the nearest landline phone and call whoever beeped you…what a pain in the ass, but at that time we thought it was super technology because prior to that all you had was the basic answering machine and landline phone set up.  You never knew anyone was trying to find you until you got home and checked the answering machine…now we think of that as dinosaur technology!  Damn, we’ve come a long way Baby!

Going to take a ride this afternoon, get out of the house for a while with my buddy Janine.  It’s supposed to get really hot here (90F+) and the humidity is supposed to set back in….so air conditioned truck riding is just the ticket for the afternoon.  And tonight I am thinking of going to the gay bar in Ogunquit to play some pool and hang out for a while.  I haven’t been there all summer so it’s time I get my ass out for a while.  It’s a pretty nice place, I don’t know why I don’t frequent it more often.  Probably because I have out grown the “night life” and I don’t drink per se anymore.  Usually I find the bar/club scene to be pretty boring to me, I’m just not interested in watching people get drunk and act like juvenile idiots these days.  But tonight I’ll make an exception and go socialize a bit. Then next Saturday night is the All Women’s Tea Dance there, it’s themed for Coyote Ugly so that should be really fun…women in tight jeans and cut off shirts.  The bar is right near the beach, which is nice, and it attracts quite a few of the LGBT Canadians who frequent Ogunquit.  I’m thinking I might go to that just for fun and to watch the Coyote Ugly competition.  Could be fun.

Wednesday I have planned to go Bass fishing for the day with my buddy Tyler up at Wentworth Lake in New Hampshire.  I haven’t been all season, so this is going to be great.  We’re going to take the canoe so we can get off shore onto the lake and hit some good fish.  I absolutely love Bass fishing, they’re so fun to catch – and release of course!  I don’t keep them, always turn them back to the water as soon as I get a good photo and check their weight. I’ll surely be posting pictures here after the trip!

Been thinking about possibly getting some new ink soon.  Or at least starting on the cover ink that I want to get done.  Only problem is that it’s become so expensive lately!  And I just had a boat load of work done on my SUV – power steering pump, wheel hub and bearing, and differential work…and it still needs some new tires before the end of October rolls around.  Some days it feels like I have to bleed money to make it.  So the extravagances like new ink or spiffy new cell phones kinda get pushed to the rear of the order.  But, hey, that’s the way the buck bounces sometimes!

Ok, let me finish this up….I said I had writer’s block, but obviously there is enough going on in my life at the moment that I could drop these 1300 words fairly easily!  Hahaha!  I did not sit down to write thinking it would get this long…but her ya go!  Life is fairly good, I’m taking it one day at a time and hoping for the best as always.  The ultimate optimist I guess. 🙂

Peace!  ~MB


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block? Nawwww

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  1. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy, I found that is half the battle with keeping loneliness at bay. but there are times when I can be in a room full of people and still feel that horrid gnawing deep down. Everyone else is paired up and there I am, the fifth wheel lol
    speaking of tats, when my oldest son passed away four years ago I promised myself to get a tat to match one of his, just trying to get up the nerve lol but its a promise I plan on keeping.
    Hope you enjoy fishing on Wednesday! Keep smiling

    1. I am really looking forward to fishing on Wednesday!!! I hear you on the lonliness. I can keep myself busy, but then I miss her so much….but such is life sometimes. I hope it gets better, as a matter of fact I KNOW it will in my heart, so that helps with the lonely feelings at the moment.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, truly appreciated! ~MB

  2. You are lucky that Nola and Lulu like the water. Gracie does not like the beach or the water one bit. I took her with us to Cape Ann but she tiptoed on the sand once, and the next night refused to budge off the asphalt. I think she was telling me to take her to a farm with some sheep. Can’t herd fish.

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