Just mumbling…

I been keeping to myself pretty much all week.  Last week was kind of a blurr…seemed to fly by and was busy, but this week, except for Monday has been really slow going getting to the weekend.  Today’s Saturday.  I managed to clean the cave pretty well and get the laundry completely done, sheets, blankets and all, change the bed clothes and put everything away – clothes, etc in my room.  Somehow it just kind of got out of hand on me this week, I think I was stunned.  I did a lot of sitting and just thinking.

I’m thinking about possibly moving.  I would stay in the southern Maine area, as close to here as I can find actually, but I want something a bit newer and in a better neighborhood.  Sounds persnickity huh?  Well, the landowner here who I lease the land from doesn’t do any upkeep of the park.  The roads have huge pot holes that are tearing our cars apart.  I just had to do the left front wheel hub and bearing on my truck last week, along with the power steering pump and the rear differential cover which was just rotted.  He has a set of rules, but no one follows any of them, so it’s pretty much anarchy in here.  The guy next to me has a unit that should be hauled to the scrap yard on the next passing flatbed.  I like a little better kept neighborhood.  I take care of my place pretty good and I like having neighbors who do the same with their places, so the neighborhood remains desirable.  Between the potholes and the water issues I’ve had (I finally put in a water treatment unit) I am ready to look for something else.  I want to keep the 3 bedroom layout, and the 2 baths is really nice to have, so I’m going to start looking this week.

I been thinking alot about me and romance / relationships. And I got to believe that things happen for a reason…and it may not be readily apparent at the given moment, but the reason will come out eventually.  I’m just crusin’ and we’ll see what happens I guess.  I wish there were more that I could do, but I’m kind of at a serious disadvantage at the moment.  The chemistry is there, I just have to see if it’s strong enough.  I like to believe I have perseverance, I will keep trying.

I am going to the change of command for my brother in laws unit on Pease tomorrow.  Some sort of fancy military event that I will have to be dressed to the 9’s for evidently.  I am going to iron in a little while, I need to starch my shirt and figure out what to wear and how to wear it.  I’m sure I’ll end up with standard Butch issue black jeans and a suit coat, with a pressed shirt and maybe a tie.  I just figured out today that summer is coming to an end, and so is my crew cut for 2015…I am going to grow my hair out at least a few inches.  I did a video today to record the length since I just had it done a week ago today at Boston Barber’, just before my class reunion last Saturday night.

Off to read or watch some videos….not sure which will capture my attention just now.  But I need to shut down and get ready for bed soon, so one of those venues is in store.  I’ve been having some really vivid dreams lately, so I kind of like sleeping!  🙂  And I have nice clean pristine white sheets on the bed tonight….a shower and some reading sounds just lovely right now.


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  1. everyone needs to put life into perspective at times. what am I here for? where am I going? and who do I share my life with? are questions that plague all of us at one point or another. I am no authority, but look for that person that will be your friend and love you for the person you are. I had that once, for forty five years. hope your day went well.

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