Checking In Monday

Summer solistice yesterday was a really rainy, wet day here in Maine.  I attended a family barbeque at my parents’ home, and miraculously ALL of my siblings were there too!  That’s  a rare occurance, to get all of us together in the same space, it might happen once a year if we are lucky.  And in thinking back now, no one thought to take a photo?!  Opportunity lost. It was a very nice party with lots of food, talking and laughter.  We experimented on new ways to make Jimmi juice, a beverage they served at the Ferry Landing that we all love, but can’t quite seem to copy exactly.  It’s a concoction of 4 different dark rums and orange, pineapple and cranberry juices – we THINK.  It’s a fun game to try to make it up, and what we do come up with for trys are always good anyways!  I sucked back 4 of them and was feeling no pain whatsoever believe me.  And I slept pretty good last night!  🙂

This morning I got up feeling pretty chipper, was out the door to do a couple of jobs down by the beach that I wanted to finish up before noon.  Got those done and did my usual Monday errands…grocery store, post office, bank, and thrift shops.  At one shop I picked up a brand new Timberland waterproof jacket….it’s awesome!  New this must have sold for closet to a couple hundred dollars and I got it for $7 bucks!  Here’s a picture, which doesn’t do it justice really, it’s a super nice jacket and I will get a lot of use out of it this fall I am sure.  It was a steal, a real good find and I just couldn’t pass up the deal on it.  Anyone who understand the value of a good waterproof jacket on a cold blustery day will get me for sure.


Our weather here can be quite diverse, changing from sunshine to rain fairly quickly over a day.  You’ve got to be prepared if you are working or playing out in the outdoors.

I’ve been managing to stay really busy, although sometimes I just wonder where the time goes.  I wish I were even a bit more busy most days.  I find myself with too much time on my hands to be idle and that gets me to thinking too much, and that’s just never good.

There are lots of things going on around the area right now.  Hampton Beach is hosting a sand sculpture contest, and the sculptures are just phenomenal.  They bring in artists from around the globe to line the beach with these massive mounds of beach sand which they then turn into giant works of pure sand art.  It draws a huge crowd, and it’s hard to navigate down there on a good day, let alone on an event day!  I’ve followed it online and in the paper and on tv, but haven’t ventured down to see them yet.  I am due to be in the Hampton Beach area again on Thursday morning, so maybe if I go over that way early enough I can sneak by the beach and get some photos of the sculptures.

This coming weekend is our first local Pride event.  That ought to be interesting, and I am looking forward to going to it. I’m not sure who has organized it or what kind of things they are planning to have, so it’s a total blind surprise!  I’m sure I will run into other people that I know from around here, which will be really cool too.  That part I am really looking forward to.  It’s nice to catch up a bit with old friends once in a while.

Saturday is also America on Tap’s Beer Festival which is being held about 300 yards from my front door.  I can enjoy the live music without even leaving my porch.  I’m not much of a beer drinker, so I am not inclined to buy a ticket to the event and go, it just wouldn’t be worth it.  Plus I am hoping to spend my whole day at the Portsmouth Pride event instead.  I believe there are supposed to be 150 beers on tap, live music, games, and vendors.  I’m sure it will be fun for those who do go and who enjoy those micro-brew type beers.  I have a hard enough time stomaching a couple of Coors light’s once in a great while.  Beer is just not my choice of beverage.

There is so much happening in the world that I could be talking about….like the latest mass shooting we had in South Carolina this week, 9 innocent people lost their lives to one very racist little prick.  It’s been the talk of the news heads all over the internet and television.  Bumped the Caitlyn Jenner story right to the curb.  Sometimes I just don’t know if I can be surprised anymore by what I see and hear on the news.  It’s like watching a bad bad movie.  The voilence and hatred that runs rampant here is just out of control.  And these “lone wolf” killers like this 21 yr old kid who killed the people at the church in South Carolina are just the scariest of them all.  Nope, just don’t know what this world is coming to….

I made Bruschetta for dinner tonight, it was just awesome.  All local fresh ingredients.  Yummy.  Now my stomach is full, so I think I will get into some shorts and a tank top and just chill on the couch watching mundane TV for a while, or maybe reading blogs online and doing word puzzles instead.  Whichever, it will be a relaxing night.

I hope you are all doing well!  ~Peace~   MB


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