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Mid June

How is it possible to be so fucking bored and so insanely busy at the same damned time?  I don’t know, but I have managed to do it lately.  I’ve picked up a couple of little jobs helping to do some spring cleaning on pools in the area, nothing too strenuous, but enough to keep me busy for 6-7 hours a day most days.  Then I come home and I am just plain bored.  I’m told to get my license and go fishing, rent a boat, take the dogs out on the water and just do the things that I enjoy doing.  But it just seems boring to do it all alone.  I did manage to get my lawn mowed and the yard cleaned up nice today, so chores are done!  It just seems that all I ever do is chores.

I’m planning a trip down to Virginia towards the end of summer, probably in September for a few weeks.  My best friend and ex lover lives there and I need some time to just chill out with her for a while.  She’s the only person in the world that ever really understood me.  We get along great, I’m not sure why I couldn’t have just settled down with her and made it work…hell we are on the phone still daily and are definitely still part of each others’ lives.

Lulu is getting taller, she’s all legs.  And her adult hair is growing in nicely, she’s a cute little thing.  She and Nola keep me smiling – and buying Better Belly Bones on a regular basis!  They are addicted to the bones, it’s terrible when we run out.  I had to run out tonight to town just to get a couple of bags of those bones at Petco.

Had a doctors’ check up yesterday, everything seems to be going well healthwise.  I’m even down 16 lbs. in weight from where i was last time I checked in.  It’s a summer loss thing, I just work like a bear…gain in winter and lose in summer.  Thankfully!!!

I didn’t make it to Boston Pride…seems I forgot that I have 2 dogs that need care and I couldn’t find a sitter for them on such short notice.  When I got to Virginia they will be going with me, which makes it much easier and I will be more at ease with them with me than I would be leaving them with someone else.  Lulu hasn’t been on a long road trip yet…so she’s going to be in for a big surprise!  With the suv I have the luxury of being able to set up the back for her and Nola to be very comfortable for the 10 hour trip.  I’m figuring it’s 710 miles to where I am going in the mountains, so it will take me around 10-12 hours to make it down there.

There is a local pride festival going on here in Portsmouth NH at the end of this month, and I WILL be going to that one.  It’s the first time we’ve had one here, and it should be fun and interesting.  Portsmouth is a good sized city, so it should have a yearly pride event in my opinion!  It should also have way more LGBT things going on, but it seems that everyone goes to Boston for most of that stuff nowadays.  Not me, I am no city Butch…like it right here in the good old rural countryside!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer!  ~Peace!~  MB


5 thoughts on “Mid June

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    man I haven’t been to a pride festival for the last 10 years, I used to throw Hammy up on my shoulders when he was just tiny and along with my wife, we’d walk in the parade as a family , Course that was in Calgary, the big city, we were quite active within the LGBTQ community back then, then we moved … out here into the country 14 hours away from Calgary lol, Regina ( the small city ) is having their festival shortly, it’s only 35 miles away, but Hammy and I won’t be attending, I probably never will attend another one, just wouldn’t be the same without my wife, that and this is Canada … we have all our rights and freedoms, so I am having trouble getting my head around why we still need a pride week , unless it’s to bring the trans gendered issues to the front lines now?? it’s still a grey area here, perhaps it’s to stand in solidarity with our American brothers and sisters who are still fighting for their rights and freedoms. I don’t rightly know anymore.

    Road trips are always nice, have a great time in V A , and it is great that you can take your 2 dogs with you, that just makes the trip all the more awesome!

    a good cure for boredom… an afternoon snooze , works for me


    • PlainT says:

      I don’t know why we need pride; I spent my first pride breaking up, my second pride watching corporation after corporation send their floats by in support of LGBT rights (which was just like advertising space for them)… but there was one moment where I was like “YAAAAASSSSS” which was when a group of the original stonewall rioters rode by in a car!! That was fucking magical. Everyone cheered so loud it was unreal. Celebrating the past is as good a reason as any to go to pride.

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      • butchcountry67 says:

        I would have loved to see that ! ( the Stonewall Rioters) , yes the past is sometimes good to celebrate, I guess I have been out of the loop so long I have forgotten that, I shall ponder this. you make an excellent point my friend!

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  2. PlainT says:

    I’ve only ever celebrated pride in NYC… but it feels like it’s full of corporate floats and people selling shit. I hope I can celebrate someday in a less commercial way in a smaller city… maybe I’ll check out Portsmouth one of these days!

    Congrats on the clean bill of health. Must be a load off the mind.

    A therapist once told me boredom is often not the underlying issue, or something like that; meaning, that boredom is a symptom of something else, usually, like depression or loneliness or just being stuck in a rut. All clinical talk aside, I’m sorry that you’re feeling bored doing stuff alone; it can’t be easy. I don’t have anything else more useful to say; that’s about it.


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