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Ok, so I was pretty angry when I wrote yesterday’s blog, and I realize it going back to reread it.  Maybe I was harsh, but I felt like that insult was the icing on the proverbial cupcake.  I am done with it.  And moving on…. 🙂  Let history be history, and lessons be learned.

Today is my “house attention” day.  I will be working on my little gardens, and mowing the lawn.  We had rain at the beginning of last week, like 2.5 inches of rain!  And then the sun has been doing it’s job, so now the grass is starting to become very tall and going to seed. It will actually look pretty nice once it’s mowed, because all of the winter spots have now grassed over and filled in.  Once it’s mowed it will be all even and look pretty darned good.  My wheel barrow planter got so much water from the rain that it fell over sideways!  So I had to upright it and replant half of it that fell out.  I was tempted to just leave it sideways and let the flowers sort of “flow” out of it, but it’s just not looking right that way.  Today I will fix it properly and make sure it looks the best it can until it “recovers” from it’s traumatic tip-over! haha.

The dogs have an all out war going on over rawhide bones. It’s driving me a little bit nuts. Nola is a bone pig.  She wants ALL of the rawhide chew bones to herself, and will hoard them.  Her favorite part is when they are tiny pieces, that I call “gum bones”.  She will sit and chew those little chunks like they are pieces of gum in her mouth.  And then she will save the little chunks until she has a sort of “pile” of them, hoarding the whole time!  She gets downright mean with the puppy over “her” bone pile too…I have to scold her occasionally for snapping at the puppy so harshly.  Other than the bone war, they are getting along just fine, Nola has accepted her as a member of the family now, it just took a little time and patience on everyone’s parts.  Here is proof they are getting along:


I hope everyone has a great Sunday!  I’m off to get ready and get my day started here!  ~Peace~    ~MB


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