Hell Day…but it’s Okay

My blog is my blog and I will write, or not write about whatever the fuck I feel like writing about.  I will answer questions if I find that I want to answer them.  This is not a democracy.  Just so you know.  I won’t be bullied in to anything.  Either stay and read or move on.

I had a hell day yesterday, and I’m really glad it’s over.  Today was much better.  I had issues with the cable company and lost my tv and internet for the day, seems my electronic payment didn’t go through properly and I had to chase it down in cyberspace and at the bank.  Finally got it all straight and I will tell you THAT won’t be happening again!  I about went nuts without TV and internet.  What IS there to do in the evening without TV?  I ended up doing word puzzles and reading and meditating alot.  I went to be ridiculously early, turned on the iPod and zoned out.  But I must say I was pretty perplexed and felt a bit cut off from the world without my internet.  I did have FB on my phone, and I did surf some Youtube videos on the phone as well, I admit.  If not for that phone I would have been completely nuts.  Then to top off the day I locked my keys in my car and had to call Triple A to come and get me into the car….it was just one of those days.

Got the lawns mowed and trimmed up today.  Looks good out there, now all my plants and flowers are in their respective containers; gardens are growing like mad and things are blooming beautifully.  I know I should have taken photos tonight when I finished, but it slipped my mind and I ‘ll try to remember to shoot some pics to post up tomorrow here.

I been feeling kind of melancholy because my friend Suretta is leaving the area and moving far away.  I’m going to miss her for sure, it was fun hanging out and doing the yard sales and flea markets with her on weekends.  I guess this is just something she has to do to see if it’s what she wants and where she wants to be in life.  I know I am very secure right where I am and I think Maine is the balls of a place to live for a lot of reasons.  Sure the winters are a bitch, but otherwise it’s got some great perks.  Plus I couldn’t just up and move, I’m not as mobile as she is at this point.

The rest of my friends here are of the straight variety, I don’t have any other LGBT friends in the area anymore, most have either left or hitched up and shacked up and you never see them anymore.  Seems to be the thing to do, get married and hibernate.  I like my straight friends though, they all are super cool and good people, and are supportive of me.  I hang pretty close to home and around town pretty tight, so it’s not like I am going to the gay bars in Boston really looking to meet any other LGBT people either, I’m a little lazy like that plus I don’t care much for the nightclub scene anymore.  It’s boring to me.  Probably because I don’t drink, which is the main idea of clubbing in Boston.  I did plenty of it in my 20’s  think I had my fill of that scene.

The new puppy is doing great.  She’s growing like a weed (pics tomorrow), getting some tall little legs and her coat is changing, with a nice reddish strip down the middle of her back.  She’s still a fluff ball.  Nola and her are getting along better all of the time, although you know that Nola has been adamant about maintaining the pecking order.  She scolds the puppy accordingly.  It’s funny to watch them interact.  I have a video tract of them eating dinner and the puppies back feet float completely up off the ground, she eats while balancing on her front paws.  I cannot find it to post it, damn….I will work on this too!!!!  It’s the funniest thing to watch her eat and do that balancing act.

Yesterday started off with me getting one of those cortisone shots in my c-spine, near C4/C5 area so that maybe the tingling in my arms will stop and I won’t have so much arm pain.  So far I have to say it’s worked quite well.  I noticed today a lot less pain from this area of my neck.  It’s still a bit tender from being invaded by a big needle, but it’s not feeling too awful bad.  I don’t know if anyone else has had those shots, but it wasn’t all that big a deal in the end.  I didn’t think it was all that bad.  The worst part was the numbing stuff they put in before hand.

Ok, that’s it for now.  I’m off to bed soon.

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