Awesome Weather…Nicer Days

Then there are these days that I feel so damned good...even pretty silly and a bit daring.  I woke up this morning with a touch of this mischievous beast in me.  I feel like a different person on days like this, all of this pent up energy sort of bubbling to the surface.  I get... Continue Reading →


Love, and My Thursday

Because of the last blog I wrote, I wanted to clarify some things.  You see, Love is a really complex thing sometimes.  Sometimes it's simple, which is how I prefer it, but sometimes it just gets complicated.  When I love I love hard, and I am very dedicated to trying to do things right for... Continue Reading →

Last of May….

Some days I just want to scream and throw in the proverbial towel.  I think back to my "Fish or Cut Bait" blog and realize it's time for ME to cut bait and move the fuck on down the road of life.  I've been really hung up for months on someone who is not in... Continue Reading →

Hell Day…but it’s Okay

My blog is my blog and I will write, or not write about whatever the fuck I feel like writing about.  I will answer questions if I find that I want to answer them.  This is not a democracy.  Just so you know.  I won't be bullied in to anything.  Either stay and read or... Continue Reading →

Identity Politics

There is so much seemingly new "talk" around the web and in our social circles about labels and identities as of late.  Or at least I am personally noticing a trend in this area.  I've noticed growing conversation about what it "means" to be Butch, Trans, Femme, Dyke, etc.  I've seen cartoon mock ups of the... Continue Reading →

Catching up…

The brilliance of this blank blogging page is intimidating.  I haven't written a single word in what feels like over a month now, and it's just not like me, and it's not making me happy at all.  I love to write, and it's something that if I do it every day it makes my day... Continue Reading →

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