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This is hilarious…and oh so relateable as a Butch…The Fugly Dyke Chronicles, by Heather Hogan, published through Autostraddle and oh so worth the repost here and everywhere!  This blogger has got her shit together and her writing is great.

And thanks ButchCountry67 for turning me on to this funny video of Bill Maher on the whole Gay Cake topic (link takes to to the video).  Gay marriage debates just incense me.  And fundamentalists do NOT run America.

I’m really tired tonight, after a really full day of doing stuff. And my right ankle has a really painful bone spur that it keeps locking up on, so not all the outside tasks got finished today. but they’re started and well on the way to looking good out there in no time at all now.  I’ll be working outside again tomorrow I’m sure.  BC67 wrote about projects today too, and I have my own project list in my head too…it’s never ending when you own property that you have to maintain the outside appearances of and keep ready for whichever season is next.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.  Spring is finally here in Maine and Summer is coming.  Everything will be bright and new, soon the trees will be sprouting new leaves and the promise of beautiful days ahead is in the air.

The puppy is going to need an outside pen for this year…this has just occurred to me because I tried working outside today and tried to keep my eye on a guinea pig sized dog that moves like a blowing leaf in the wind at the same time.  So I am going to try to think up something, go through my miscellaneous wood and materials in my shed and figure out how to build a small enclosure to contain her while i work outside. She does love being out there with me and Nola.  She has been trying to force a friendship with Nola…which is slowly coming I can see.  Nola is very attentive to where the pup is all the time and checks on her quite frequently.  So a pen is on my to-do list for sure.

My problem with the to-do lists is that I can keep 3 lists going at once.  The first is things that I need to do like today, and are non-negotiable, like grocery shopping or getting dog chow.  The second is stuff that needs to be done, but doesn’t necessarily have to happen today so to speak, like laundry or fixing the screen door closure.  The third list is that of the “project” variety, like jacking up the shed and re-leveling it this Spring, and re-aligning the decks, and things like that.  Now the problem with any of these lists is that I am sooooo ADD that things get started….oh look something shiney….and they don’t get finished in any consensual order.  I can also add to any or all of the lists at any given time…which can result in some incredible lists of shit for one person to keep up with doing.  And when I am working a job it’s a whole other story in keeping up the household.  Some days I just want to put my head in my hands and cry…it feels overwhelming, but then I remember that I can do this, and I always get it done so not to worry.  Plus the world won’t end if something has to wait a little while longer.

I’m off to a hot shower and clean lounge clothes and some mindless television watching before bed.  Have a great night!  ~MB


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