Today’s Photo, #2

Today’s photo, actually taken yesterday, is Nola sitting up on her haunches and staring out the window at the neighbor’s … More

Right Outlet, Write On

Writing is just the right outlet for me to release the proverbial steam vent in my head.  I’ve tried not … More

Great Blog Links

This is hilarious…and oh so relateable as a Butch…The Fugly Dyke Chronicles, by Heather Hogan, published through Autostraddle and oh … More

Short Update

I’ve been really quiet the couple of weeks, I just don’t have alot to say – either verbally or in writing. … More

New Pup!

I have adopted a little Pomeranian puppy who was orphaned at birth and hand-raised by my cousin.  A few days … More

Just Shattered

I am so upset I can’t even function normally.  I cry so much my eyes hurt.  FUCK THIS  I am … More