Today’s Photo, #2

Today’s photo, actually taken yesterday, is Nola sitting up on her haunches and staring out the window at the neighbor’s cat…if the cat comes in her yard she goes bonkers.  I thought her concentration here was pretty serious looking, and the pose is perfect!

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Five Day Photo Challenge

I’ve been working hard on cleaning up my yard around the house all week.  I am seeing a lot of plants poking up from the ground in all of my gardens, but in the middle of the lawn these beautiful blue crocus flowers bloom every spring.  They must have been dropped there somewhere along the […]

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Right Outlet, Write On

Writing is just the right outlet for me to release the proverbial steam vent in my head.  I’ve tried not to write lately, tried to just stop and do other things – stupid things like chores and projects; things I can do anyway whether I write or not.  I got tired of my being told […]

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Great Blog Links

This is hilarious…and oh so relateable as a Butch…The Fugly Dyke Chronicles, by Heather Hogan, published through Autostraddle and oh so worth the repost here and everywhere!  This blogger has got her shit together and her writing is great. And thanks ButchCountry67 for turning me on to this funny video of Bill Maher on the […]

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Short Update

I’ve been really quiet the couple of weeks, I just don’t have alot to say – either verbally or in writing.  Just haven’t felt much like talking to anyone. This has been taking up most of my time and keeping me occupied…chasing her around, feeding and making sure no one steps on the little pipsqueak. She […]

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New Pup!

I have adopted a little Pomeranian puppy who was orphaned at birth and hand-raised by my cousin.  A few days ago my cousin called and asked if I was interested in adopting her, and of course I said yes!!!  She’s tiny, about 8 weeks old now and still on a mixture of puppy formula and […]

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Just Shattered

I am so upset I can’t even function normally.  I cry so much my eyes hurt.  FUCK THIS  I am done blogging on this site.   I’m done blogging period.  I am exiting all social media and taking a break.  I don’t understand why I hurt so fucking much,nothing makes any sense anymore.  I am […]

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Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit…’s an old custom/suspicion to say Rabbit Rabbit on the first day of the new month, as your first words to greet the month and for good luck…which I desperately NEED right now.  I can’t sleep, my stomach is upset, my thoughts are jumbled and I’m having anxiety attacks faster than I can swallow […]

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