Being my authentic self means I am never concerned with putting on airs of being any other way than the way that I am in this world.  I don’t enjoy any cloak of invisibility in my life.  What you see is what you get with me.  I walk the world as my authentic self every […]

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Winter Rages On

Butchcountry67 has obviously been getting some warm days…they’ve got water in the backyard, and I still have 2-3 feet of solid snow pack as you see here in this photo of my back yard…I don’t know when we’ll see ground again at this rate, the temperatures just haven’t been conducive to melting any of this […]

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Feeling Lost

I have a good amount of ADD.  I’ve been working with the doctor and therapist on this lately.  I can’t seem to concentrate or focus on things that I need to be focused on.  My thoughts race and things don’t get done, or get partially done, or I procrastinate them for days.  It’s gotten worse […]

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My Weekend.

Ahhh…I sit down finally after a fairly quiet weekend for me.  I worked yesterday at the local flea market, came home a few dollars richer than when I woke up that morning, and I got some exercise to boot.  I’m weary of doing the flea markets lately, as it seems like a lot of work […]

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About My Blogging

I am following suit again and blogging about my blogging experience and my take on things related to blogging, another great prompt from Opinionated Man. or was it Confessions of an Average Mom?  The web is spreading! I started online blogging way back in the hay-day of AOL, remember them?  I blogged about my daily life there, […]

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Daily Life in Maine…#3

In following the theme, here are some more great shots I have taken around the area, specifically around the shoreline of southern Maine where I live.  These were previously taken shots.   Today was a beautiful pre-spring day with temperatures up in the 40’s, so the thawing has started.  Once I am more able to […]

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