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Password Protection

As some have noticed lately I have been posting password protected blogs.  These are protected simply because I talk about sensitive stuff that pertains to my most personal life and thoughts.  I do not share these passwords with many.  If you have the password it’s because you are in my inner most circle of friends.

We all have to protect ourselves and the people that we love on a daily basis.  Without protection love is vulnerable to the attack from outside sources.  I never use real names or locations in my blogs, I protect the privacy of others quite well.  And I will continue to do so.  There are various people in my life do not wish to be recognized in my blogs, or have friends who read my blogs and form opinions based on one sided information.  This is what I am wishing to avoid.  I don’t wish to hurt anyone or bring them any unnecessary criticism from anywhere; and this includes to myself.

I will continue to blog as normal, just some where I am disclosing my inner most feelings and workings of my mind will be protected.  I apologize in advance if this offends anyone.


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