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Blog Birthday….And Publishing


I spent a chunk of time this morning sipping coffee and going through my entire blog quite thoroughly.  It seems this blog is about to celebrate it’s 3rd birthday on April 5th!   Since inception I’ve posted 341 posts, some of which are still in draft or are password protected or private, and I now have 310 followers by Worpress or email.  To me that’s pretty darned awesome!  When I started this blog I never thought (or knew) about followers, I thought it was just writing on some mundane web blog for myself.  And while I DO still write mostly for myself, I am now aware that I also have an audience and I hear from them in the form of comments and private emails on occasion.  I have built myself a little sort of blogging friends circle, I have several bloggers who I feel closer to and who I correspond with more often.

I never blog with the purpose of getting more followers, or readers, I still really just basically blog for myself and to keep up with certain blogging friends I have made along the way.  I love to write, and I love to think.  Blogging – all of it’s glorious forms from reading blogs to writing them stimulates my brain and makes me think things through.  Some of the topics we go over can really rile me up and get my creative juices flowing.

Personally I would like to progress into a book with some of my blog posts.  I need to review the whole 310 posts and choose probaby 20 good posts, that tell my story, to start working on for the book.  From those 20 if I can get 15 good essay stories I will be happy and will publish with Amazon most likely.  They have the CreateSpace.com app that makes things very clear and simple for publishing either e-books or hard copy books.  I am a fan of the type of book that is filled with essays and short stories about a single subject, in my case it would be about my life as a Stone Butch lesbian, and how I’ve walked this life that was given to me, my trials and tribulations, and my successes and pride.  I already have several specific pieces that I have written that I know I want incorporated into the book, and I know there are a few that I haven’t written that will have to be written.  And all of it must be edited and honed to perfection for publishing.  

I know this is sort of a big undertaking and will require a lot of commitment on my part here, but it’s time and I am ready to get working on this project like today.  Thus I am going to set some goals today, and work toward getting this project done – which I said I would do in 2015 and I’m already feeling behind!

If any of my readers have advice about this project I am about to undertake I would love to hear it!  I’m completely open to ideas, suggestions, criticism and anything that will help me through the process with the result in the end being a completed book of essays and short stories.  Do you have a favorite blog that I have written?  A favorite topic that I discuss?  Let me know!   I can be reached by regular email at MainelyButch@yahoo.com anytime.


2 thoughts on “Blog Birthday….And Publishing

  1. Whoa that is a lot of posts. I hope you follow through on the self publishing. There are not enough butch memoirs out there – and you bring a unique (and as you wrote before) authentic voice to the subject.
    It is hard for me to cull through old posts looking for ones I like – I’m a very self-critical reader. I hope you can look back and pick out a pile of posts – there should be a book in there somewhere.


  2. Congratulations and best of luck for the future!

    The posts about the times or topics that mean the most to you are probably the best place to start. They’ll most likely be the easiest starting point and the best foundation to build upon. 🙂


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