My Weekend.

Ahhh…I sit down finally after a fairly quiet weekend for me.  I worked yesterday at the local flea market, came home a few dollars richer than when I woke up that morning, and I got some exercise to boot.  I’m weary of doing the flea markets lately, as it seems like a lot of work for not enough payback. It required me to constantly be on the lookout for re-sellable merchandise, to rent a storage locker monthly to keep all my inventory in and to haul it to and from storage for various sales and markets.  I’ve been doing it for quite some years now and I just think I need a break, and to get out of the business for a while.  Although that will remain to be seen as I think that re-purposing things is kind of in my blood.  There are times that I love it and then times I get just burned out on it like now.

I’ve been working on a blog about an article from The Blaze about how being Gay is a choice, and I still have work to do on that blog today, but the subject is so infuriating, and I’m trying to be a bit diplomatic – imagine that, me diplomatic! Ha!

I just received a copy of the book Trans/Love: Radical sex, love and relationships beyond the gender binary” and I am hoping to find some time today to sit with that book and read for a while.  The book was recommended reading from a very dear friend of mine, and I am anxious to take the time to read it.  I’m always trying to expand my knowledge and way of thinking, reading is just one way.

Today I’ve managed to get the rest of the eclectic set of kitchen chairs I had collected all painted and the last 2 are now in the drying stage.  Next is the work on the table, sanding and refinishing the top, painting the frame the maroon color to match the chair color.  It’s been a pretty smooth going project.  I decided the 4th chair had to be a Captains chair, with arms, because hell I AM the Captain of this ship, right? Right.  I like the way the project has come out so far, and it will look good in my kitchen.

So that’s the basics from MainelyButch’s life this weekend.  I may not do the 9-5 job scene anymore, because I put in my (28 years of doing it on the clock already), but the things that I do are pretty important to ME and I believe that my life has just as much importance as anyones does.  I kinda had words with a friend about this a few days ago, about who’s life and time is more important,  Never would I have the guts to say that my life, time or what I choose to do is any more important than anyone else’s.  My time is important to me, just as yours is to you.  If you choose to use some of your time to interact with me, and I with you, then happy day.  If not, then silence prevails.  Funny, that friend stopped talking to me after telling me they had other people who wanted their time and I wasn’t paying enough attention to them so they were going elsewhere for attention.  Sounds like a personal problem to me.  Some people just don’t get the concept of friendship.


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