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Daily Post…Things I am Snobbish About…

Lately I’ve had a touch of creative downtime, I just can’t seem to find my mojo in my writing.  I have several theories…one is fear…fear stops our creative juices from flowing, I think I fear writing something that will upset someone, thus the things just won’t flow.  So, in true writers fashion I have gone to writing prompts through WordPress’s Daily Posts and through other bloggers inspirations.

This blog is inspired by the Daily Post prompt, “What are you snobbish about?” Meaning what am I particular about in my life.  I thought this was a good prompt.  I tend to want to believe that I am not a “snob” per se, but there ARE things that I very much am “snobbish” about, and will only have my way, or not at all.  So here’s my list…

1.  My smokes.  I smoke Newport Menthol BLUES and ONLY those.  If I can’t find them I will go without.  Which, if I wanted to really quit smoking, when they stop making them I will certainly become the non-smoker that I wish to be.  It’s ridiculous.  The story goes that I was once temporarily incarcerated in DC jail for getting drunk and acting a fool near the capital…NOT a good idea…anyway, after I ran out of my Marlboro (yup a former cowboy killer smoker) cigarettes I could only get menthols, such as Newports or Kools from the other inmates.  We would play cards or dice (which I got pretty lucky at) for cigarettes.  When my lover at that time picked me up from jail she handed me a pack of Marlboro Reds, and I promptly threw them in the trash, stopped at a quick stop store and purchased myself a pack of Newports…thus I became a full time menthol smoker.  I changed to the lighter Blues, which used to be called Mediums until that was prohibited by the US Government’s FDA, several years later.  I smoke them to this day.  Quite often I can’t get them at many stores as they are not a well known choice, so I have a couple of stores locally that carry them just for me, cuz I am special.  🙂

2.  My coffee.  I am a coffee junkie.  I know it.  The world knows it.  I love good STRONG coffee; the kind that can tend to put hair on your teeth.  I like it super strong and with ONLY half and half creamer and sugar.  If I am out of half and half creamer I will NOT drink coffee.  I hate it with milk, or powdered creamer.  Yes, I will go without if I don’t have the stuff to make it to my liking.  I’m a coffee snob.

3.  Bottled Water.  I will NOT drink tap water.  Because of my compromised immune system and my fear of contaminated public drinking water, and my aversion to chlorinated drinking water I will only drink bottled water.  I can be a snob about the brand too…I prefer Dasani, but I will drink other brands if I can’t get Dasani, just no way am I consuming the tap water anywhere.  Side note:  I once drank water in Mexico…Juarez to be exact…I was sick for days….lesson learned.

4.  Writing Implements, i.e. Pens specifically.  I’m very bad about this.  I will not write or buy cheap pens.  I am addicted to fine writing instruments.  I have a small collection of very expensive pens, Cross brand being my favorite.  I love the way a fine pen feels in my hand, glides across the paper and even the way it looks if I clip it into my shirt pocket.  Pencils also have to be good ones, I don’t like cheaper pencils.  I prefer to have a nice hard #2 pencil, round preferrably, and fatter if I can get them.  And it has to have a good eraser.   I do have some mechanical pencils, but I still prefer the old fashioned wood pencils.  Ticonderoga brand is a favorite, although I haven’t found them in true round.

5.  Paper.  As with the pens, I am a snob for fine writing paper.  I like the super smooth expensive papers.  I am a big fan of the Stone Paper that I can get locally, it’s tough, smooth and just feels good to write on.  I write a lot of personal letters, cards and the such, yes…I am trying to keep the postal service and the letter writing tradition both in business still.  I have a few people (very few) who I correspond with via the mail system.   I hope I never lose my passion for hand writing to people, I just think it’s still a classy and very personal way to communicate.

6.  Socks.  Yes, socks.  I like GOOD socks.  If my socks begin to show any wear and tear into the trash they go.  I like calf high athletic socks or good name brand socks that don’t ride down my ankles, hold their elasticity and color when washed and are mostly cotton in fabric.

7.  Clothing in general.  While I am not a name-brand whore, I am particular about my personal attire.  I am a super snob about my underwear, it has to be Aeropostale boxer briefs, or it’s commando I go. And my undershirts (I wear white T-shirts under everything) have to be 100% cotton, and pure white.  If they get slightly off color they become rags in my rag b bin!  I like most anything that is well made, fits good and is 100% cotton or as close as it can get.   My clothing has to be wrinkle free when I put it on, smell fresh from the laundry, and must be comfortable.  I will not wear uncomfortable clothing.  I’ve even managed to put together enough dressier suits to be comfortable when I have to dress up a bit.  Even down to my jewelry I am particular, I will only wear sterling silver or white gold.

8.  Laundry…I am VERY particular about how my clothes are laundered.  I prefer to do my own laundry as a result.  It’s not only about how they are separated to be washed and dried, by materials and colors, but about how they are also folded and put away into my closet and dressers.  It’s something that is left over from my days in the US Army I am sure.

9.  Steak.  I am a wicked snob about my red meat choice.  I LOVE Filet Mignon (beef tenderloin) and I want it medium rare and cooked to perfection.  My second choice is Prime Rib…au jus….omg, I am making myself hungry just thinking about it.

So those are the things that come foremost to the top of my head that I can be really particular about, or even snobbish.  I cannot think of anything else…except the women I talk to…that I am super particular about…  I am very particular about the women that I will talk to or date…but that’s a whole other blog!  I think with age I’ve gotten more set in my ways about these things, and they’ve become my snobbish habits.  🙂

Peace!  ~MB


3 thoughts on “Daily Post…Things I am Snobbish About…

  1. It’s always fascinating to explore the methods of writer’s and even though coffee goes hand in hand with what we do personally, I could have gone with out the cigarettes. But to each it’s own my friend and if it works for you then by Ali means indulge 😉


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