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Defying the Odds

Once again I defy the odds.  I was recently tested again for my HIV counts.  And once again I remain in the "undetectable" range...meaning that no HIV antibodies can be found in my body at this time.  I've managed to remain undetectable for a few years now, I'm defy the odds at every step.  Also,… Continue reading Defying the Odds

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Password Protection

As some have noticed lately I have been posting password protected blogs.  These are protected simply because I talk about sensitive stuff that pertains to my most personal life and thoughts.  I do not share these passwords with many.  If you have the password it's because you are in my inner most circle of friends.… Continue reading Password Protection

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This blog is a great explanation of Stigma, not only stigma surrounding mental illnesses, but any kind of Stigma on any variety of issues. I often feel stigmatized for my gender presentation, and my health issues, and sexuality. This is a must read! Rock on!!! ~MB

Butch Stuff

Tomboy to Butch…My Story

Anyone else relate to being a tomboy?  Being trans and being a tomboy / gender non-conforming child often go hand in hand, but often the two are mutually separate…     a question posed by janitorqueer on their blog. Growing up I constantly fought with my parents over my clothing choices, they wanted me to… Continue reading Tomboy to Butch…My Story