Another blizzard here in Maine…another umpteen inches of snow and no where to put it all.  We’ve gotten nine feet … More

Chivalry is Not Dead

I got to thinking about how the OFOS (old fashioned/old school) Butches/Studs, and the “older” Butches are known more for … More

Laid Back Saturday

I have been told that I come off as depressed and down on myself here in this blog…not my intention … More

Giant Rutt

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.” I spent half an hour tonight stuck in this rutt … More

Black Sheep

I’ve always been the black sheep of my family…always the outsider and the odd ball.  I’ve rather reveled in it, … More

Happy Hump Day….Wednesday

I blasted my day today hanging out in North Hampton watching the Patriots World Championship Parade in Boston on the … More

Snowbound Still

I can’t believe how much fucking snow there is on the ground here…it’s just piled everywhere, and there is no … More