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A Short Bored Ramble…

I want to write tonight, but am not sure what about…so here begins a ramble blog…let’s see where it takes me

I could continue to bitch about winter and snow, but it’s doing no good.  The damned stuff just keeps falling from the sky and piling up in huge hills on the ground.  Navigating town is like driving in a white maze, you drive between the sometimes 10′ high snowbanks, like a mouse in a maze.  Even walking in some areas, you walk between walls of snow over your head on either side of you…yes, folks, it is RIDICULOUS.  I have never seen a winter with this much snow, this fast, and that won’t melt down or get smaller…it’s SO COLD that the snow just stays perectly frozen.  Generally in the past it would warm up a day or two and melt the banks down a bit at a time, nope, not this winter. They’re staying—hell they are GROWING.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table.  My back room office is too cold to use in the dead of winter months.  Although I miraculously found a heat vent in there that is blocked by a bookcase I have on top of it….I never KNEW there WAS a heating vent in that part of the house, so I will work on making that work for next winter for sure.  That room needs a bunch of major attention from me very soon.  I use it as a sort of “catch all” room, and it’s certainly is “catching” shit.  I put everything in there that I don’t want to deal with right now — hell it keeps the rest of the house in decent order! HAHAHA.  Instead of sweeping it under the rug, I just sweep it all into to my spare room.

Every once in a while i will go in there and go insane organizing it.  Then more stuff shows up and it goes to hell again.  Alot of it is resale merchandise from the antique and collectible stuff that I sell in the shops and online.  So some of the stuff turns over weekly, more comes, and some goes.  The idea this spring is to get it down to be able to manage it all from my shed, and have my back room back as a guest room/home office area.  I’m going to put in a day bed and brighten the room up with some fresh paint, some work on the windows to get them operating properly they are crank out windows and need new crank apparatus I think.  Anyway the room will get cleaned out and spruced up this spring again.  It has a nice large back porch off of it too.  Right now there is snow on that porch that reaches the roof of the addition…no fire escape out that door, even if you had to!!!  (that did cross my mind when I noticed that the door was completely snowed in to the very top.  That may make me nervous enough soon that I will get it shoveled off.  It is one of 2 doors on the house, so it’s needed as a good precaution to have it open and accessible as a possible fire escape.

I made a slew of the paracord bracelets over the last few days.  Tying them just gives my hands something to do and my mind can just click away aimlessly.  I’ll put a couple of photos at the bottom here.  I sell these at some of the shops around here, particularly the head shops.  They are well received, nice sturdy bracelets.  Some call them “survival” bracelets because they are made from single strands of 550 Paracord rope, which can be used to assist the wearer in making things necessary to survive in the wild.  Some come with compasses incorporated in them, whistles, fish hooks and wood matches.  I have yet to make one with all those items in them, I do incorporate whistles and can get the compasses and watch faces as well.  I could make metal tags with things like “strength” on them and incorporate those into the cuffs.  I use heavy dury plastic buckles to secure them and I have a great new jig that sizes them perfectly.  I made a rubber stamp today that says “Made in Maine USA” on it and each bracelet has a tag on it that has that on it and the size and color.  If anyone is interested in having one made or likes any of the stock stuff email me.  I can whip up about any custom color combination.  I’ll be doing black cuffs with the rainbow colors in the design probably next trip to the supply store.  I also make some with the 325 Paracord that’s more dainty for ladie’s wrists.  And I make a 1.5″ cuff in a trilobite knot that looks really cool.  I’m also going to start to offer a nice line of watches for Butches that I happened into.

Maine had it’s One Lunger Snowmobile races this last weekend.  It’s a very big sport here. Snowmobiling itself is huge here when the trails are groomed and good. Right now it’s very deep and hard to maneuver some of them.  Crazy people chasing each other around on Crystal Lake!  I bet it was soooome damned cold!!!

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