Recreational Dating

My partner in Vancouver seems to think I need to do lots of recreational dating right now.  I wish it were that easy!  But living in rural Maine doesn’t exactly make it easy to meet women for casual dating excursions.  I do have a dinner date planned for Monday that I am looking forward to attending.  I’ve been keeping to myself and being too good for far too long, it’s time to stretch my legs a little and see what else is out there.  I have purposefully pushed people away lately, but now I see that that’s not what I should have been doing at all.   It does no harm to get out and meet women and maybe get to know them a little bit, who knows I could find a pretty good one along the way.  So I will try this “recreational dating” thing, and see how it goes.  I’m wicked shy, so it’s going to take quite a lot to get me to do it to start with.

I also can’t wait to see my Vancouver lover in April … hopefully the snow will be gone for that trip to Logan Airport!