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Another blizzard here in Maine…another umpteen inches of snow and no where to put it all.  We’ve gotten nine feet of snow in the last 3 weeks…it’s just an anomaly; this doesn’t usually happen here.  Along the coast we usually have more mild winters than they do in the mountains a couple of hours away.  Even just 11 miles in from my parents place which is closer to the beach, we got only say 8″ of new snow and they got almost 21″ of it.  The winds are howling now, this is the worst part, the drifting light fluffy snow combined with the 35 mph plus winds, makes it very uncomfortable out there.

It’s Sunday, I am watching the PBR Pro-Bull Riding 15/15 match, the top 15 riders and the top 15 bulls in the world.  Very cool and great rides!!  I’ve been a bull riding fan for a long time, I even got to go to PBR’s 7th round in Las Vegas a few years back, it was insane!  Best time ever.

Valentines day came and went without notice around here.  I did get some chocolates, Victoria’s Secret truffles even…yum.  But basically I spent the day alone.  I’m a loser, because I didn’t have to stay home alone…but I did.  It wasn’t the kind of day I really wanted to see anyone anyway.  I was better off to hang out here and just chill for the day.  It wasn’t a big deal day for me.  Just another Saturday in February to me.


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