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Laid Back Saturday

I have been told that I come off as depressed and down on myself here in this blog…not my intention at all.  Quite to the contrary most of the time I am upbeat and just a laid back Butch living life in the deep fucking snows of Maine.  Sure the weather gets me down, but I’m not depressed…I’ve been depressed before and I know that feeling really well, so with the use of modern medication and some lifestyle perks I manage to keep a pretty upbeat outlook on things. So if anyone out there thinks that I am moping and depressed, rest assured that I am neither, and things are going well enough that I get to smile every day and I’m pretty contented.

Butch Bachelor lifestyle is a bit different in the winter months.  I am cooped up inside my house alot, and I don’t seem to clean as much…so it definitely looks more like a bachelor cave than normal.  Usually I am better about this, but I just don’t feel like scouring the house every damned day, and I feel like I can be messier for some reason at this time of year…probably because I have less visitors.  I know another blogger said they just can’t be bothered to put anything away or pick up stuff…which is kind of how I get in winter.  Usually my cave is spotless in the sunny, warmer months, and I spend a lot of time outside on the porch and nights having little bonfires in my bonfire pit…I cannot wait for those leisurely nights to return this year.

So today I am off to hang at Boston Barbers in Rochester with my buddy Johnny and the gang at the Barber shop…I do LOVE that place, and as you all know I LOVE a good fresh edged in haircut.  I go about once a month, just to make sure it’s always looking clean and fresh as possible.  It’s an important thing to a Butch to have a good haircut and look good I think.  My  barber, Johnny, is a master craftsman.  I’ve been going to this particular barbershop for quite a while now, and it’s an adventure on every visit.  It’s the shop with the pool table, beer cooler and tattoo parlor all combined with the sports bar feel of the place.  It’s a Butch haven.  Ok, on my way….Peace!  ~MB


2 thoughts on “Laid Back Saturday”

  1. I’ve never had the feeling that you’re depressed, you’ve been upbeat and very comical at times! It’s always a great feeling to get a haircut! I just had mine shaved and spiked.. I love a good cut, it’s refreshing! I hope you have a wonderful day my friend.. 😙

  2. Dunno…you just seem straight talking and disarmingly honest to me. I’m hetero with gay and lesbian friends and family..maybe it’s our age, maybe it’s the midwestern thing where we don’t talk… but I find you refreshingly open…explaining things I’ve wondered about but things that we don’t talk about.

    As a total aside, I was born in Maine.

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