Happy Hump Day….Wednesday

I blasted my day today hanging out in North Hampton watching the Patriots World Championship Parade in Boston on the big screen.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Duck Boat parade and seeing all the players and staff celebrating and sharing that celebration with the whole of New England as they cruised through the Boston streets.  The last one was in 2004, so it’s been a while since we’ve had a Patriots win the Lombardi trophy….but we have THREE others for a total of FOUR now!!!!  And that’s 4 Super Bowl rings for Brady…another record.  Anyway that’s what I did today while waiting on my truck to be finished at the transmission shop.

Around 1:30 Paul called me from the shop…seems the radiator fittings are so corroded that they just broke off while he was doing the job, so now it’s also going to take a new radiator to complete the repair.  And another $325.00 usd, for a total of close to $3,500.00 usd …damn this sucks.  But it has to be done, and like I said some of that cost is covered under warranty thankfully.  But still it’s going to drain my bank account for a few days to lay out that kind of cash.  I don’t live rich…so this isn’t that easy for me.  It’s been a hard pill to swallow, but I didn’t choke, I didn’t get upset, and I didn’t melt down…I coped with it very maturely…just with a lot of use of the word “fuck” injected.  Hey, things happen and you repair them.  That’s the way mechanics and life works.

I can’t wait to get it back and get out this weekend.  I plan to get out a couple of nights, hopefully Friday and Saturday nights specifically, I need some time out on the town raising a touch of hell for a couple of nights.

Next weekend is the opening of 50 Shades of Gray…I know not everyone is interested in seeing it, but I am.  My brain needs the minor kinky boost, and sexual stimulation.  Maybe I can come home and re-enact the entire movie…heh heh.  I can certainly dream of it for sure.  I have a curious need for a little more kink in my life.  Perhaps I will extrapolate on that in the future.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading…

It’s kind of a long week for me with out that truck, and now without being able to contact the woman that I want to be in touch with.  But things have to work themselves out, and my being patient and quiet is the best thing for me to do.  I’ll wait for a text, and hope for the best.  She knows I am thinking of her, I am sure.

I was very sorry to hear that fellow blogger and friend Butchcountry67’s wife passed away after her long battle.  BC and son Hammy are doing as good as can be expected from what I am reading in Butch’s blogs…you may want to check out the letters to her wife that she wrote…tear jerkers, and I hope to have a love as strong one day again.

It’s a bitch losing people in our lives.  We think that people are friends and they get mad and suddenly aren’t friends anymore because they disagree with something you did or didn’t do.  It’s just stupid….when you never know if tomorrow is the last time you will ever talk to that person again, like with my friend losing her wife like that….you never know when your number is up.  Friendship isn’t to be taken for granted.  But it’s also got to be mutually respectful.  Friends don’t hold friends back or down; or keep them from their ambitions.  Friends are patient and kind, and know you have your own life as well as they do.  Those are the qualities of the friends that I want and have in my life.  So, yeah freindship has been on my mind.

I should get the truck back tomorrow….keep your fingers crossed!!!   ~MB


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