Snowbound Still

I can’t believe how much fucking snow there is on the ground here…it’s just piled everywhere, and there is no where to put more…but we have more COMING on Thursday, and again next Monday.  More snow…it just sucks, big time fucking sucks. The whole eastern seaboard is locked up with all this snow.  Airports are jammed up, trains are stuck, and the bus system is non existant…thankfully I don’t have to deal with city transportation…

I’ve been cooped up so long that I want to kill things.  I am agitated as hell.  I’d like to just have my truck back so I can get the fuck out of the house for a few hours every day like usual.  Speaking of the truck, it should be ready tomorrow mid-afternoon for me to pick up…thank God.  It required a transmission rebuild to the tune of $2,470.00 and line work for another $400.00…so it’s not a good month for my budget at all.  Thankfully I have some additional warranty coverage that will cover the bigger piece of the cost. I plan to pick it up tomorrow and take a nice drive around town,

I was going to start barber school this week, but I have put it off until things swing around here.  Can’t do much without my wheels first of all, and also I should be looking for some kind of job soon….I’ve been out of work for a few weeks now and I realize that I really should be working for the socialization aspect if nothing else.  At least work gets me out with people, something that I will avoid if given the opportunity.

Even Nola is bored….this being snow-bound and truck-less sucks!  Here’s to a better tomorrow and weekend to come!!!


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  1. I feel your pain, even though I am used to it up here in Canada Land, it still sucks , I’ve got 2 more months of the crap to deal with, it’s not so much the snow that kills me, it’s the freakin’ cold and when ever it warms up to 0 it frickin rains! which makes ice , which makes driving a butt puckering experience at best. Hang in there Buddy, spring will eventually arrive.

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