Snowing Again

I’ve been cooped up in my house now for days…my truck transmission went on Wednesday, and ever since I have been without wheels..and will be like this until this coming week sometime…it’s totally aggravating to be without transportation, and it means that things aren’t getting done!  I’m going to be playing catch up once I get the truck back.

I’ve been watching TV til my brains are jelly.  Stupid TV.

Today is the Super Bowl…which will occupy me happily for the evening for sure. I’m rooting for the Patriots of course, but my enthusiasm has been dumbed down a bit by the #deflategate nightmare.  I’m not sure what to make of it, and who to believe. I would think that environmental conditions may cause some of the issue…but i’m just not sure.  I still want my Patriots to win, but it won’t be celebrated like it would have been, I don’t think.  Note:  Patriots won…yessss!!!

It’s amazing what the mind goes through when you don’t talk to too many people for a few days.  I did get to have some great conversation about the queer and LGBTQ worlds with a friend the other night.  I don’t get to see any other LGBTQ people around rural Maine much, so it’s nice to find fellow compatriots to talk to.  My friend in Vancouver made the comment that it’s kind of sad that it’s so rare that it’s even mentionable, but it is rare and it’s something I miss from when I did live closer to more “community” so to speak.  Thus one day I will move again to an area where there is more LGBTQ community.  It’s cool to be able to talk queer culture with other people, some people live in areas where there is more lesbian and queer and it’s just comfortable to be around people like me, who get me and understand and accept my Butch presentation and persona.  Other than online, I don’t meet many people.  So it’s good to connect once in a while.

I’ve really been out of sorts lately about a lot of things. Things just aren’t right, they don’t feel right in my life.  I miss my friend that I used to talk to more…that’s part of it, the other part just has to do with me and what I want.   I’ve just got too much time on my hands to think and ponder things.  I can’t wait to get my truck back, and to have life return to more normal days for me.  I don’t care for all this spare time to think, and I’m tired of thinking about things that I can do nothing about anyways.

It’s snowing again today (Monday) and we’re looking at another major storm coming in on Thursday/Friday of this week.  I hate this.  Thankfully February is a short month, and Spring will be here soon.   ~Peace   MB


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  1. Hope things ease up a bit for you! Interestingly, although there’s a decent community of lgbtqa people in this part of the east coast, it’s feels very small and closed off at times. We basically see the same faces all the time with the same stuff for events, etc. and sometimes the stereotyping isn’t much different than in the hetero spots but either way, I’m happy to have places to hang and fun, cool lgbtqa folks around.

  2. I’d be a mess in your situation between cabin fever, snow, and being ditched for no good reason. Plus I’m a city kid and when I get edgy I grab the dog and go for a walk and run into other people walking their dog and it becomes OK.
    Hang in there until you get your truck back.

  3. i think that’s where we differ, I spend most of my time at home, yes I venture out and even go to the city once a week or so, but I am quite content to be home bound, though it does suck without a vehicle, I’ve been there, it’s not fun at all.

    1. I hope I’m not out of line here, but I was just thinking about your wife for some time.. How is she doing? How are you and your son holding up? Please know that I pray for you all, for strength and guidance.. Rachel..

  4. I’m laughing cause I am so sick of myself and getting to know her thanks to a year of being ‘snowed in and without a car’. Lol
    It’s funny how we all fear doing nothing and taking time to really think about who we are and what we want. It’s scary actually.
    I agree w the importance of finding your tribe where u feel u belong and can be yourself. I don’t think you need to move to a lgbt community though to find it. There are people who will love and accept you ‘as is’ even if they are totally different than you. They are out there, you will find them 🙂 I am slowly finding them and we connect through our loving honest hearts. And trust me….. We couldn’t be more different than cats and dogs but respect and love each other just as fellow human being. Embrace our differences, make fun of ourselves, be kind and compassionate and support and love each other unconditionally……. And we are all weird as hell & have great senses of humor 🙂

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