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I Want Love.

What do I want the most right now? A girlfriend. A woman to hold my hand and my heart; someone I can love and cherish.

I just need to take care of my own emotional and physical needs now and dammit, I want a girlfriend. I want someone who wants to be part of my every day; who wants me and likes me a lot more than as just a plain friend. I want someone to love me.

And I want to give love back to her. I want to talk to her about everything in our lives, to be close to her and know everything that she likes, everything that she dislikes, and what she fears and what brings her great happiness and joy. I want to honor her, love her and protect her with all my heart. I just need that kind of connection with another woman so badly, and that’s not even talking about the physical stuff….after I got to know her I would obviously want to be physically intimate as well. I love to make love and to be wholly connected to another woman. I love the smell of her skin, the taste of her kisses, and the feel of her body next to mine, with her relaxed and just enjoying me and her and the moments we have together to be like that.

I want to feel my heart race when she texts me, I want to feel great when we are talking and when we are together. I want to feel secure and settled when we are apart, knowing that when we see each other again it will just be a wonderful thing. I want my eyes to light up like crazy when I see her beautiful face.

I know this is just a dream for me right now. Someday that woman will walk into my life and take my hand into hers and I will know that it’s right, it will FEEL right and I will know that I am home. She will feel like home to me.

It’s not so hard really, love is easy when you let it in and treat it right – like it’s super special and has to be protected against all that would hurt it. You have to nurture love, feed it and water it daily. But with dedication, devotion, loyalty and trust two people can really put together a safe space for both to flourish and grow. I want this so so so badly. And it’s just time for me to stop being so foolish with my time and start to open my heart more so that she can find me when she’s ready for me.

Sounds hinky huh? Yeah, I think so too. But dammit it’s true as hell. I am a good damned Butch, but I just haven’t met the right woman yet. She’s out there, everyone tells me so. And I’m a good person, with a kind, nurturing and supportive personality. I can be quite funny, serious when necessary and I’m very laid back, relaxed and I want to just live a peaceful life and have a good solid love in it.

I do come with some complications, but nothing that can’t be worked around, and I expect that at my age I will encounter women who have seen their fair share of life as well. Dating after 40 is no picnic, but it’s something many of us seek to do. I just refuse to do the bar scene, and prefer online meetings at first, then in person after we have gotten to know one another a bit.

On a side note….I recently also mentioned the poly-amourous lifestyle….it continues to roll around in my head. Would it be easier to just have basic friendships, that come with benefits of physical interactions. But that seems difficult in itself. I’m more of a monogamous soul, I would rather have one very special girl in my life if possible. Poly is great when you’re younger I think, maybe I’m wrong, but at 53 I think it might be more difficult for me not to cop feelings for someone when I am not supposed to let that happen. I am a very passionate person, and I can also be a little jealous…so poly probably just isn’t going to fit into the equation for me in the long run.


4 thoughts on “I Want Love.

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    That true pure Love WILL find you when you least expect it my friend, you WILL know when it does, you go weak in the knees, you break out in a cold sweat as your heart races so fast you think you’re having a heart attack, your mouth will go as dry as the Nevada desert , you will choke on your words and be as clumsy and as awkward as all hell, she in turn will think it’s both cute and flattering and by God when she kisses you the whole damned world ceases to exist, when you hold her in your arms you will feel the very earth quake, you catch her scent and that’s all you smell for the rest of eternity, 2 souls becoming one intertwined is a force that even death itself is not strong enough to separate, you my friend WILL find this love, you WILL have everything I have had and oh so much more, when you find her by God you tell her you LOVE her every day of your life and mean it, you show that love not just to her but to the entire universe, and even if you’re Atheist, you thank God every damn day for her being at your side and every night thank him again for another beautiful day with your Love, you shall have all this and oh so much more honestly you will.


  2. This blog and the above comment made me smile really wide and free. Though I am 35 and believe that even in my 30 making a friend that could grow into that kind of love is what I seek. And yet I still feel its very far off and I have decided again that I hope she is also seeking me.
    My tale seems many angles and I’m trying to understand them all paying very close attention to see them from.different perspectives too. You have inspired me to.blog on my journey in love. Thank you.


  3. Are you still looking for women who are younger than u … ?!? Isn´t it too exhausting both, physically and emotionally, in the long term, to date younger women .. ?!? It would be for me, that´s for sure … I wouldn´t have the patience for a partner that is so much younger than I am .. I think you can´t find a soulmate in a person that hasn´t got enough time to accumulate experiences of life…I don´t want a partner to teach or to bring up … I want a relationship resting upon equality, at eye level and if it´s just for the passion/lust/pleasure …a seasoned partner is more recommendable than a younger one … younger people set more great value upon outer appearances than middle-aged ones.. is just my humble opinion !
    PEACE !


    • I seriously think that I am DONE with women who are more than 10 years younger for sure. You are so right, it’s like having to teach or bring them up! I am not into that I want a woman who knows what she’s doing in her life and in love. A seasoned lover would definitely be preferred at this point in time for me. I’m tired of explaining. And you are also on point with them setting more value on appearances and other trivial bullshit. So, in answer to your comment…Nope! No more baby dykes for this Butch.


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