Snowed In!

It's the dead of winter here, those really long days of tons of snow and bitter cold. Not a good time to be in New England for sure.  I wish like hell I was in a much warmer and more pleasant place!  A big blizzard came through two days ago and dropped 31.5" of fluffy... Continue Reading →


Snow…Dating…Sex….What’s up!?

Saturday, 24th...It's snowing like crazy here today and I am stuck inside watching the flakes rain down from the clouds. There is not even any reason to get dressed, other than to go outside to shovel, today. I'm going to stay in my comfortable clothes, my flannel pajama pants and a sweatshirt and slippers all... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenges, My Adventurous Day

I follow most of WordPress's blogs and one that I particularly like is the Daily Post, which often gives great topic and writing suggestions, you've seen me previously address some of their topics. Today's is to write about anything, and then end it with "and all was right in the world."  Again, a pretty interesting... Continue Reading →

I Want Love.

What do I want the most right now? A girlfriend. A woman to hold my hand and my heart; someone I can love and cherish. I just need to take care of my own emotional and physical needs now and dammit, I want a girlfriend. I want someone who wants to be part of my... Continue Reading →


I was thinking that I was going to take a hiatus from writing in this blog.  Seems that you can't write without self-censorship today.  Whenever I have written about other people in my life in my blog I have kept them as anonymous as absolutely necessary and possible.  I give people nick names and my... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on “Stone Butch Blues”

“The landscape of LGBTQ life is so different today ,Stone Butch Blues is an important reminder of how the world we live in today came to be” This can’t be said better. This book is the Butch bible basically.

Queering the Nerd

Alright so I read Stone Butch Blues. 5/5 stars. Two and two-thirds thumbs up. 1 out of 1 queer nerds interviewed have described this book as “uber duber compelling”.

True to its title, it’s about a stone butch. True to its title, it’s chockfull of the blues.

The book does an amazing job showing the rise of the lesbian subculture, the evolution of feminism, and the isolation of growing up different. If you’re at all gender-nonconforming, if you embody female masculinity or masculine femininity or transmasculinity or transfemininity or any of those permutations, you have to read it. Scratch that; if you’re a person, you should read it.

Things are tough for Jess, who grows up in Buffalo, NY in the 50s/60s, in a working-class Jewish family. Violence, police brutality and corruption, and economic constraints on non-conforming people abound. Butches of all kinds are represented: straight butches, gay butches, transmasculine butches…

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Hardest Loss

A fellow blogger friend of mine is going through the HARDEST loss of all - her wife is dying.  Here we complain about little things, and she's dealing with this completely life altering experience that is going to leave her and their son devastated...I am ashamed that I ever complain at all about anything.  The... Continue Reading →

Balanced Conclusion

"Each of the myriad decisions we make every day has the potential to have a deep impact on our lives. Some choices touch us to our very cores, awakening poignant feelings within us. Others seem at first to be simple but prove to be confusingly complex. We make the best decisions when we approach the... Continue Reading →

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