Snowed In!

It’s the dead of winter here, those really long days of tons of snow and bitter cold. Not a good time to be in New England for sure.  I wish like hell I was in a much warmer and more pleasant place!  A big blizzard came through two days ago and dropped 31.5″ of fluffy […]

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I Want Love.

What do I want the most right now? A girlfriend. A woman to hold my hand and my heart; someone I can love and cherish. I just need to take care of my own emotional and physical needs now and dammit, I want a girlfriend. I want someone who wants to be part of my […]

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I was thinking that I was going to take a hiatus from writing in this blog.  Seems that you can’t write without self-censorship today.  Whenever I have written about other people in my life in my blog I have kept them as anonymous as absolutely necessary and possible.  I give people nick names and my […]

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Hardest Loss

A fellow blogger friend of mine is going through the HARDEST loss of all – her wife is dying.  Here we complain about little things, and she’s dealing with this completely life altering experience that is going to leave her and their son devastated…I am ashamed that I ever complain at all about anything.  The […]

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Balanced Conclusion

“Each of the myriad decisions we make every day has the potential to have a deep impact on our lives. Some choices touch us to our very cores, awakening poignant feelings within us. Others seem at first to be simple but prove to be confusingly complex. We make the best decisions when we approach the […]

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Writing / Blog 2015 Updating

Oh what shall I blog about this week?  I was cleaning my desk in my office and found several notes about topics and the such for blogging or vlogging.  I keep several note books, each with various things from cool and interesting sayings that I stumble across, to websites that interest me, to lists of […]

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