So, butchcountry67 posted about tattoos today, and I will follow suit, just because it’s a good topic to end the day and year with.  My numerous tats can all be shown without showing my junk…hehe, crack me up.

Tattoos are funny.  Back in 1980 when I got my first one on my right bicep it was very uncool to be a female and have any kind of tattoo…it was definitely a rebel move on my part.  The tat is of a magic mushroom and is a tribute to my teenage years and some old running buddies.  I’d love to have it covered now with an eagle, which I may get around to and be willing to spit the cash for in 2015…as BC says, it’s an expensive and self-inflicted painful obsession with some of us.

My second, Jan ’81, is on my left forarm, and is a tribute to my drug years again, it says Born to Live on Sugar Mountain…an old Neil Young song.  Again…I wish I had had more sense and not gotten that one but it’s there now and it’s staying.  It’s rather large to cover, about 4″ across by 3″ top to bottom…a cover would be huge, dark and way more obtrusive than that little bit of harmless ink.

My third was a drunken night on the town…a jolly roger on my right shoulder blade on my back.  I had it covered partially years ago by making it into a full flag with a thorny rose branch climbing the flag pole…a tribute to loves thorns.  Those prickly moments when love just sucks, but we all want to go thru them because they remind us we are human.

My fourth is on the back of my neck, it’s Kanje for “Believe”  Many people across the country, around the world have this tattoo in memory of cancer victims who fight battles…one woman started it years ago, and many of us followed by getting this tattoo in solidarity. There was even a book done with hundreds of photos of people sporting this “Believe” tattoo.   I got it around the time of my split from my ex, and she got the same tattoo…she’s since changed hers, and I have tentative plans to change my own.

My fifth is on my right inside forearm…it’s Kanje Chinese for “Love Conquers All”  A stupid, stupid, stupid tattoo.  I regret that one the most.  I will cover it with a Chinese dragon at some point.  I had wanted Kanje for years, but didn’t think it through very well when I did get it.

My last are the stars behind my right ear, trailing down my neck.  That’s my favorite and I wish I had done them slightly different, but they can always be recolored and redone.

Tattoos are some of the imprints of different times in my life. They all bring back memories of various people and events that happened or were happening at the time I got each piece of ink.  We go through life meeting people who form various bits of who we eventually become along the way.  If we didn’t take chances with them, we would miss out on so very many things.  Even though things change, and don’t always work out you can’t stop trying to connect with people along the way through life. You miss too much fun and too much love along the way if you avoid pain.  Pain is just proof that we feel…it’s just the price we pay for love and learning.

3 thoughts on “Tattoos

  1. I’ve always shied away from chinese lettering …why you may ask?? .simple… if I was to piss off the Tattoo Artist… they could write “I Love Broccoli” on me and I’d never know it !

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