Lucky Butch

Ah, as I get my ass in gear here this Christmas morning, I realize I have nothing to complain about at all.  I have everything I need and could want here in my humble abode in Maine.  Sure, it could be warmer, but why complain?  I chose to live here, so I chose to be cold, right?  Right.

I bought myself a bunch of new clothes for Christmas.  My shirts now FIT and it’s a great feeling.   Yesterday I went out for some last minute gifts for family members, and ended up at Old Navy buying myself 2 new long sleeved button downs, and a pair of snazzy new jeans, 2 stripped short sleeve shirts…then I ended up at another place and picked up 2 MORE long sleeved button downs.  I think, that through procurement during this festive season, that I need to put a moritorium on buying myself ANYTHING for a while.  I have a ton of clothing, it’s one of my quirks.  I like clothes…nice neat, clean, plain style clothes.  I admit it I am a Butch clothes ho.  Oh, and boots…yes, I have quite a few pair of really nice boots.  I don’t like the cheap stuff, so they are high quality and will definitely outlive my white ass.  Someone in the future will get some nice clothing and boots at the thrift store after I migrate to the next life!

I bitched and complained about being alone this morning, but that’s what I chose to do, so I need to quit bitching.  I could have gone elsewhere, I didn’t have to be alone, I chose to be so.  The person I wanted to be waking up with this morning is far away…but still I didn’t need to wake to an empty house, I could have chosen other options.  I could have gone to my sister’s for the night, or gone over there this morning.  I am going to be going to my parents’ home for Christmas dinner and family gift opening later on in the day.  Until then I have this marvelous quiet, a beautiful Christmas tree to enjoy and Nola to keep me company.  I’m a lucky Butch.  Plus I have all the gifts I gave myself…clothing, new tools and a few other things.

I’ve shined my boots, and gotten nicely dressed for the day.  I’m ready to do some socializing, have a few mimosas and relax.  I need to just cut loose, and live a little here.  I need to realize that there are things that I wish were different, but I cannot change at this time, so I just learn to live with them as they are now.  And why be unhappy about it when I cannot change it?  Seems stupid to me.  I want things to work out in the future, so I must learn to be more patient now.

As these last few days of 2014 come, I am happy to be healthy, and content here.  I seriously want for nothing, and could ask for no more in this life.  I’ve had a really good 2014, and I will go into 2015 trying to make it even better.  I”m looking forward to starting off the year the right way.  My birthday is in the beginning of the year, and I’ll check off another number in the book.  53 completed years…amazing.  Again, I am one lucky, lucky Butch.   ~MB


Author: MainelyButch

I am a pretty relaxed, proud, Butch and a native Mainer who enjoys reading, writing, blogging, vlogging and social interaction. I live in southern Maine, near the coast with my 2 small dogs and I hail from a very large, loving family that is historically rooted here. I write about my life, my experiences, living successfully with HIV, my YouTube experiences, and just about anything that piques my interest. This blog may contain profanity and sexual situations, and is not intended for younger audiences. Read at your own risk. At 54 I see life as just beginning a new chapter, and have decide this is the time that I need to write the stories that got me to this point. I believe we live our lives in chapters, changing, evolving and moving continuously with the times. I love to laugh, have discussions, debates and even the occasional nonsense conversation! I generally enjoy people, but not drama, hatred, ignorance or those who choose to feel they are somehow elite or superior to another simply due to their mere existence. I try to be very conscious of the health of the world around me - environmentally, socially, economically, and ethically. The people who are dear to me know me as having a tough exterior, filled with marshmallow and crunchy peanut butter. I continually strive to be the best I can be, especially to address life head on...always.

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