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Saturday Ramble…

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I am going into the stupid Christmas slump.   I’ve felt it coming on for a couple of days now, I don’t know why…perhaps it’s loneliness, it was quite lonely putting up my Christmas tree all alone…not even sure why I got it out and put it up.  I was trying to brighten up my day, which has been a tough one thus far, I guess.  I thought that putting it up would perhaps bring me to a better place mood wise.  It hasn’t worked thus far.  I even got 3 gifts wrapped and underneath the tree.  It’s a cute tree.  Short and neatly decorated.  I go with the false tree for a couple of reasons.  One I don’t like the idea of killing a tree every year…it just goes against my nature loving soul, and secondly it’s less of a mess to deal with and less expensive.  Plus it doesn’t need water.  Ask any of my house plants and they will tell you I am horrible at watering anything.  I lose more house plants to lack of water than anything else.

I leave for work soon.  The job is going okay.  I don’t particularly like it much, but it’s not a bad job either.  It’s just a bit too boring for my taste.  The store is a more upscale retail environment, less so than the construction contractor atmosphere of Home Depot where I previously worked.  I feel a lot less of a part of a team at this new job.  Whereas at my old job I knew my value to the team and liked that aspect of things.  The new job has better pay, better benefits, company discount and an overall better, cleaner and more organized working environment.  They treat the employees better and I should have nothing to be unhappy about.  But it’s just too slow in there.  They waste a lot of man hours on payroll bringing in too many people on shifts, which again I should not complain about,  but the manager in me sees the waste!

I’m supposed to start barber school in February.  It’s really going to be a hard stretch for me to do it.  It’s six months of 5 day a week schooling…which means that if I continue to work the job at the same time I am going to be one very very tired and overworked Butch.  I know myself too well, I won’t be able to handle both things at once.  So I have to decide here…live more frugally for 6 months, and go to school, or don’t go to school and work the job….If I can get through the schooling I am sure I can make a decent living on the skills, plus I’ll be doing something that I will enjoy and at my favorite place – the barbershop.  The one that I go to has even said they are willing to let me work out of there once I have been in school for a while, I can sort of apprentice with them.  Which is great.  I have some thinking and figuring to do about this…somehow I have to get through the schooling and keep my bills paid at the same time.  This ought to be good.  It’s been weighing on my mind a lot lately…I have to get it figured out before February comes.

Thanksgiving was cool with my family…there were only 8 of us this year, which is the smallest Thanksgiving dinner we have ever had.  Most of my siblings chose to having their own home celebrations with their growing families.  So it was 2 out of 5 siblings and our parents at my sister’s home this year.  I am hoping that Christmas dinner is not going to be like this too…I’d like to see everyone together at least once during the holiday season.

It snowed for Thanksgiving.  We had a great little Nor’ Easter and got about 8-10 inches of snow…the wet heavy snowman building kind of snow.   I’ve been hoping that it would melt off here, but it’s not moving much.  I suppose that tomorrow, my day off, that I will have to go out and tackle what is left in the driveway so that I can park two vehicles in there.  I didn’t even bother to get my shovels out…a friend of mine came by and shoveled out my truck Thanksgiving day, which was great, but I didn’t keep him here to do the whole job because of the holiday.  Thus half of the drive still is full of snow and is blocked by a 3 foot high snowbank. It’s going to be one hell of a chore to get it cleared out.

Ok, I am off to work.  Hope everyone is enjoying this weekend and is looking forward to the upcoming holiday season – which ever one you celebrate!  ~Peace.  ~MB


4 thoughts on “Saturday Ramble…

  1. Barber school sounds like fun – but not if you are working full time. You might be able to split the difference and work half-time? Six months is a long time to be out-of-work with bills to pay.


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