Mid-week Rambles…Open Office, Blogging…

I’ve been messing around with this Open Office program (as recommended by butchcountry67, thank you very much!). It seems that I may have found the best program for blogging off line! This is going to work very well and should mean less aggravation with lost posts – which we all have experienced and I must say just sucks when it happens. I had it happen just the other day again, after writing almost 1000 words and POOF it was GONE.

I’ve been thinking also that I need to revamp my own page and bring it more up-to-date as others are also doing! I really liked butchcountry67’s 100th blog and all of the great information that was there for blog improvements. It’s like keeping house to keep a blog organized and fairly fresh. While I write every day, my content isn’t always all that interesting or fresh…which I need to greatly improve upon. I should be doing more “topic” blogging, and less personal blogging here at some point. Or I should reorganize my pages to reflect both styles.

I often use the Daily Prompts that WordPress puts out too. It’s a great tool to use when you are stuck in the whirlwind of writers block! While I generally can find something to write about every day, I do like the idea of using a prompt occasionally.

I’m hoping for a new camera set up soon…perhaps for myself for Christmas this year, I’m not sure yet. That would get me back to doing more photography as I was doing previously, and I could be adding more visuals to the blogs. At this point I am using one of my older Kodak 710’s and my cell phone for photos! I miss my old Sony digital quite a bit! And camera technology changes so rapidly it seems confusing sometimes. But I’m just going to invest in another Sony I believe, as I loved the last one so much and it did such a great job for the amateur photographer that I am.

I am in the process here at the house of replacing the bedroom flooring. Last night I had a couple of friends over and they removed the old carpeting and prepared the floor to receive the new wood flooring. So there’s quite a mess going on in here. And I have this weird issue where when things are not organized around me that I get sketchy mentally. It messes with my thought processes and makes me a bit anxious to have things in such disarray on the outside of me. So, this project cannot be finished fast enough for me. Nola and I are surfing the couch until the bedroom is finished…let’s hope that it’s this week!

It has managed to rain on most of my days off lately…so outside projects and winter preparation outside has been in a holding pattern now for a couple of weeks. It’s just a lot of stuff to keep up with for one person sometimes. I do get to feeling overwhelmed at points, but then I try to remind myself that I am only one person and only so big, so I can only do so much myself. I’m lucky to have a couple of great friends like Josh and Tyler who are always right there when I need to call in the heavy artillery to get things done (like the floor prep!). And my Dad is great too, he’s actually going to help me install the new flooring. Mom is good at reminding me what needs to be done, and she’s always concerned about me and making sure I don’t over stress myself. I love that I have such a great little support network!

One day I will possibly sell this place and look into condominium living. That would take the stress of outdoor maintenance off of me as most associations take care of the grounds as part of their association fee. I think I would prefer condominium living over continuing to try to do all of this myself as I look to the future. I lived in one a few years back that I really liked, a 2 bedroom single story place that was really nice. And they took impeccable care of the grounds, which I like. Here the park owner is really cheap and lazy and doesn’t care for the place as he should, so even though some of us take really good care of our units and make sure they look nice, the rest of the place is less than appealing to me.

Thanksgiving is coming up next week…I am planning to spend the day with my family of course, and we are making a huge dinner together. I like it because they make it an all day event, starting with Mimosas in the morning and ending with football, naps and deserts in the late afternoon. Plus I get to see the kids, or most of them! My younger sister Patricia and her daughter Kyle and her fiance’ will probably come in the morning at least for a little while to do family portraits with us all. I’m trying to decide how to dress…it’s a casual yet no real casual type of gathering. We all try to dress nicely but not over dress…we do the family portraits on occasions like this, generally once a year. My sister Debbie is a professional photographer and will set up and do them for us all. I’ll be sure to post them here afterwards.

I’m open for topics if anyone has anything specific that they think I should write about, or give my opinions on.  I hope everyone has a great rest of the week…today is hump day..so it’s half over!




One thought on “Mid-week Rambles…Open Office, Blogging…

  1. You know, I could use some topics, too. I didn’t write for a long time because I got sidetracked and tried to do too many things with just one blog. I want to write about LGBT stuff but I could use some topics. If you find any good ones, let me know!


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