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Blogs and Blogging …Nov. 2014

So I have installed Open Office and am going to give it a trial in writing my blog posts from now on. I am tired of losing posts in WP’s format, and having to try to rewrite them from memory – which happened again today. Per ButchCountry67’s blog I am going to try this format and see how it works for me with the blog and with the book I am working on. And because MS Office is out of date on this machine, and wants me to “buy” a new version – which is not happening when I can download this nice program from Apache for free.

Blogging is to some of us a very important thing. I write because I love to write, it’s my passion, it’s something I was always pretty good at and love to do. I blog online for the social interaction, and for the readership. It was a tough thing for me to decided to go public with my writing when I did it years back. I, believe it or not, have always been shy about my writing and until I started blogging I would never let anyone read my writings, essays, stories or poetry. I actually started writing doing short stories and poetry as a teenager. Poetry has stuck with me, but now I find it’s more of an inspired thing and doesn’t come as easily once you are jaded by life’s happenings.

I started writing about being Butch after reading “Stone Butch Blues” and “Butch is a Noun”. Once I realized that I did have an identity as a Butch and I had things to say to the world, opinions to express and rants to rant writing about the LGBT community and issues I faced and dealt with as a Butch Lesbian came very naturally to me. I also write openly about living with HIV disease, living in rural America and about family interaction. What I write about is not as important to me as why I write…I write because it’s my therapy, it’s my way of venting and keeping my head clear of clutter. I have always been better with the written word than I ever was with verbalizing. I can have a great conversation on paper that I can’t really have with spoken words. Some of us are better speakers, some better writers, I am the latter.

I’m not even sure how long I have been blogging online now. I did have a few very old blogs years ago that I have abandoned now. Some of them may still be able to be found out there floating around in Cyberspace, but they are not up to date nor are they actually important to me anymore. My primary blogging focus now is and I do occasionally write in my notes on Facebook when it’s appropriate and on (Google’s site) under Authentically Butch. Because my Facebook page is seen by family and relatives I tend to keep those writings a bit more muted than I would on my MainelyButch: Butch Perspectives blog on WordPress. This is a personal choice, and while some family may still read me here, it’s okay, they know this is my private space and that my passion for writing is important to me.

We all have our hobbies. Mine is writing. I invest in expensive pens, fine papergood computers and anything that will help further my craft and make it more fun for me. One day I hope to compile a book of my stories, my adventures, and my thoughts on my life’s experiences. It’s my dream, to have a published book that might be of interest. And with all of today’s possibilities in publishing, such as self-publishing with things like Kindle Direct Publishing, Create Space, and others I am hoping to do most of the work myself. If it’s good enough perhaps I will approach an LGBT publishing company with something in the future.

I do need to work on being a better blogger in some ways though. I read many other blogs and I am horrible at commenting and responding to comments. It’s part of being more interactive with my audience, and with other bloggers. I am going to really try to do a better job of this.


3 thoughts on “Blogs and Blogging …Nov. 2014

  1. I can thoroughly recommend Open Office. I’ve been using it for a few years now with no problems. It just takes a while to get used to a new layout which is quite different to Microsoft. I also use Google Docs (part of Google Drive) a lot because then it doesn’t matter where I am I can always access my work up with it being a mobile office suite.
    Good luck with all your writing. I read your posts with much interest. Like you, I feel the need to write whether it gets published or not – it’s just a need!


  2. Work on interaction? Testing one two, testing lol. Love your honesty in all the posts I’ve read so far. Leslie was a true inspiration to me as well for very different reasons but just as personal. As a late blooming femme ( well, always a femme 😉 when I read hir story I fell in love with both hir and Jess. I had quite the tutelage during the reading and wanted to spit on the Toronto Police float in the Pride parade shortly after. It was my first Pride ever and I was actually offended to see the police float sporting rainbow banners and smiling, waving officers, me still living in the gripping, brutal and beautiful story so powerfully written. I had to remember that times have changed…or have they really? The following year I marched in Toronto’s very own stonewall commemorative march – front and center carrying the banner wwith my eX and loving every proud moment of it! Pretty bold since TV crews and media hounds were present and very few friends and wwork-related women knew I was gay, never mind out! I felt an inkling of what PRIDE truly meant and was liberated by the experience. Namaste Leslie Feinberg and to you MainelyButch…inspirations both.


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