Long Work Weekend

Argh…I am working both today and tomorrow – BOTH weekend days – 9 hours a day.  This sucks, and it cuts into my time for things I would rather be doing, like talking to Mushy.  I hate when my schedule does this weird 9 hour crap, and although I have the following 3 days off, I then work next Thursday and Friday for two more nine hour days.  My back and legs are going to be in some screaming pain…I got some prescription strength 800mg ibuprophen yesterday, so I’m taking some of those with me today.  It’s going to be one hell of a long day.  Because it’s Saturday and before the Thanksgiving holiday we will be busy with people preparing their homes for guests and for showcasing for the holiday.  That should keep me quite occupied most of the day.  I do like the customer service aspect of the job, because I like people and socializing.  Helping them out and solving their problems is fun sometimes.

I can’t get Mush off my mind.  I wake up at night wishing she were there…or at least on Skype where I could see her.  It’s a little ridiculous how much she is on my mind daily.  But I do like it – a lot.  She brings out the best in me in so many ways.  And I have become even more patient with myself and just everything.  Even with work.  I know that she’s had a direct affect on that for sure.  Because of our distance and time difference there is definitely a great amount of patience that has to work in the situation.

I went up to the hospital and gave my quarterly blood donation for testing yesterday.  I’m a hard stick, so it’s always an adventure to see which phlebotomist I get.  I have one older lady that I prefer to be sticking me as she does a pretty pain free job of it, but occasionally I get a student and they can’t hit a vein in me to save their lives.  Those days I give up, my nerves rattled and I usually have to return when the good one is there.  Yesterday I got lucky.  It was a harder stick for her, but she got it after a little bit and it didn’t hurt badly. Just one of the drawbacks of being a former IVD user…you wreck your good veins sticking yourself.  I regret that I am a hard stick now because of it, and I do not miss those screwed up days I left behind me either.  Not one bit.

So I am off to work…short post this morning.  I spent an hour Whatsapping with Mushy, who’s off to hang with her friends for the day, so my day has started pretty good.  I hope it’s a nicer fall day out there for everyone to enjoy!  Rock on.


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