Thanksgiving Plans


Thanksgiving is coming. I’m sure there is a very political reason we should not celebrate the holiday, but I am going to skim over that and just say that I am one who doesn’t turn away turkey and good food despite the political wrongness of the day.  I’m sure the politically correct thing to do would be to side with the anti-Thankgiving people and belay the wrongs perpetrated by the whites arriving in America.  But I would rather eat turkey, watch football and party with my family.

So this year I am going to be going to my younger sister’s place – the palace – for a huge family get together and party. My buddy Suretta is going to go along with me.  My family does holidays up big, and Thanksgiving is one of 3 major ones (*other 2 being Christmas and Easter, typical christian holidays).  The day will start with a morning of mimosa’s and bloody Mary’s, cinnamon sticky buns and probably something like quiche with bacon…yes BACON.  Everyone will gather in Deb & Dave’s big kitchen with it’s adjacent family room and fireplace.  It will be the fairly typical New England traditional Thanksgiving I believe.  Turkey, all the fixings, pie, and tons of high calorie food.

Food is one very constant thing in my family. Everything revolves around food.  My mother is trying to feed you constantly, the minute you walk into the house “you hungry?  I got..(insert food item here) in the fridge.”  And she’a  bread pusher…she loves bread and thinks the rest of the world can survive on it too.  Mom is awesome that way, no one in the world would go hungry if they would just put her in charge of the World Food Bank.

I have a very diverse family I will say.  And having watched this family grow, change, morph and mature over the decades that I’ve been around has been quite something.  Every person in the gang has a unique personality, it’s actually quite awesome.  I believe that most all of them are LGBT friendly at least, there are a couple of us that fall in the LGBT spectrum in the family, so it’s not like I’m alone anymore.  One of my younger nieces and her girlfriend are always there for the festivites.  And they just adopted a dog, so he’s there too!  Nola will be there, and a half a dozen other dogs will be there…we are a dog-oriented crowd as well.

By mid-afternoon everyone will be feeling good, have a few drinks under their belts and bellies full of good food.  The tryptiphan induced comas will ensue, as the football games stream across the television above the fireplace.  It will be cute because people will cuddle up on the couches and chairs just talking and laughing and some will doze off regardless of the noise level.  Bad jokes will be told, cussing will happen (my family’s favorite words are similar to my own! hahaha)

We are planning on doing family portraits also this year.  Everyone has been informed so that they show up looking nice for the pictures.  My sister Deb is a professional photographer and artist, she has done several of the family portraits before and individual portraits for us as well.  This is the last one she did of Nola and me about a year ago now.


So everything should go well…hopefully there will be little family drama, little bickering and squabbling that typically does happen.  But usually it’s just gossipy junk that should be banned anyways.  And in the end everyone will have had a great meal, great company and a good time – at least that’s the plan!


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  1. That sounds like awesome fun 🙂 I hope you really enjoy your Thanksgiving, nothing beats good friends and family over the holidays

  2. I found your blog by accident, and I’ve already learned a lot. I’m a questioning Pakistani woman, but I’ve never really understood the butch aesthetic. You’ve given me a lot to think about and impressed me with your compassion and insight.

    So thank you for that.

    But I have to say, this hurt to see: “I’m sure the politically correct thing to do would be to side with the anti-Thankgiving people and belay the wrongs perpetrated by the whites arriving in America. But I would rather eat turkey, watch football and party with my family.”

    I think you and I both want to see diversity in all its forms respected (I know my activism certainly includes QUILTBAG folks), so when I see something dismissing the very real racism surrounding Thanksgiving and the erasure of the Native Americans whose land this was before it was stolen and many of them slaughtered and removed to reservations, it hurts. I’m a woman of color who has to face all the ugliness in the world every day, and I’d like to think you’d be on the same page about that. I’m not asking you not to enjoy Thanksgiving, if you do, just to please not casually dismiss struggles and violence because they might not affect you directly. We need your support. We need everyone to care for everyone else.

    Thanks for listening.

    1. I am just receiving this comment. Thank you for correcting me, I deserved that one for sure. You are right, I should have been more sensitive to the subject, and I apologize profusely! Thank you for reading me, I appreciate your feedback.

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