Time, Herbie, and Winter

My life is on European time lately.  I get up at 2am, have coffee and turn on the computer.  It’s become my routine since about June.   I like it for the most part, it’s quiet in the middle of the night, the hum of the refrigerator, occasionally the heater kicks on and warms me up for a few minutes.  Nola paces around until she figures out that it’s not breakfast time then she’ll settle either back into the bed or onto the couch to crash for a couple more hours while I read and write.  And if I am lucky I get a Skype call, and get to laugh and smile for a while.

I have a mouse in my house.  It’s name is Herbie.  When I get up Herbie is still active in my kitchen, rummaging for food scraps.  I sometimes leave him food just because I know he’s hungry.  Every time I see him and try to catch him he scuttles into a space between the burners on my stove and disappears inside of it.  He’s somewhere in the outside case, because he’s not in the oven when I open it up!  I’m imagining he’s set up a campsite next to the continually burning pilot light.  It’s probably serving as his winter campfire.  My worry is that he’s building a nest in there and I will have a stove fire in no time next time I go to cook my Butch cookies.  I’m petrified to use the stove right now as you might imagine.  I don’t want to accidently – or on purpose – kill Herbie.  I want to catch him and relocate him back to an outdoor environment.  I am sure he’s gotten into the house through a small hole in the corner of my back room’s closet where wires once ran through.

I have had a bit more trouble with WordPress lately.  Often I write here and I do not immediately publish my writing, or I make it private only to me, or password shared with a few blogging friends.  I have many drafts because of this, as you can imagine. I think right now, without looking, there are 48 drafts in my draft box!  Some I do go back and fnish eventually, and some I save, work on a bit, rewrite or just read to remind myself where I was in that moment of time.  Some are just memoirs of things personal to me.  Anyway, WordPress needs to do a couple of things.  Improve their spell checker and grammar application for one.  Stop losing my drafts for the second.  I had a whole blog prepared for publishing the other day and POOF it’s fucking gone. Yes. Fucking Gone.

I know,  I know…write in Word and copy/paste to WordPress, that way you don’t lose your work.  Believe me there are another 100 documents in Word that I have written I am sure.  One of these days I should go through the process of organizing them into some kind of order.  I was thinking of using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for a few of the shorter pieces.  We’ll see.  I wish I could make my damned living writing, things would be so much more calm in my life.

The job is sort of sucking wind right now.  I kind of hate it.  It’s not the work that I hate, it’s the fact that the place is not busy enough and thus I get bored…and bored is not good for someone with my thought process.  I actually (brace yourself here…) got stoned and went to work the other day…just to see if I could enhance the experience into something tolerable.  I have to say, I was less bored and very relaxed.  And it was busier that day, so all went great.  Weekends tend to be very busy and I get to help a lot of people solve all the little problems around their houses.  Working in tools and hardware is fun for that reason alone for me.  I’ve also learned more, thought up more and built or re-built lots of things in my head lately.  Hanging out with a bunch of construction stuff does that to one’s brain.  Eventually you start to build elaborate things in your mind, like houses with awesome lighting….or full technology things.  Ramble.

If it wasn’t winter, and I could find another way, I wouldn’t work.  But, things aren’t quite panning out the way they were right this minute, so I am working and it’s cool.  I have to keep the oil tank fed, the furnace going and that requires extra in the winter months.  Although the prices for fuel oil and gasoline right now are the lowest I have seen them in years.  I paid $2.819 / gal. last week.  Which is great.

Speaking of winter…the winter clothing is out and I am one happy Butch.  I love winter clothes.  I love wearing layers of shirts, with the softest t-shirt against my skin.  It’s just my favorite time of year for clothes.  From good boots, to a nice Carhardt jacket and gloves…I am picky as hell about what I wear.  But I figures it’s one of my indulgences that I can let myself have.  I have far more clothing than any normal Butch I am sure…there are over 40 pair of jeans in this house…some in back up in the closet in the back room (off season sizes usually) and about 15 pairs in my closet.  Then there is a whole 8′ closet full of shirts…button downs, cottons, flannels, long sleeve, short sleeve, t-shirts and jackets.  Yeah, it’s fucking ridiculous.  I know.  And this past spring I hauled out a boat load and donated them to the thrift store.  As I mentioned in a former blog I recently hit up Aeorpostale for new jeans and some new shirts….like I needed them, but it was time for new, not previously worn duds.  Plus you can’t buy boxer briefs just anywhere, mine have to be Aero’s wide band.  Picky Mofo I know.

 Picture 257

Even Nola got into her fall apparel, she’s sporting her hoodie sweatshit



3 thoughts on “Time, Herbie, and Winter

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  1. Somehow the draft was emailed out but I got the error page when I tried to comment….you look great in the photo – just one layer and standing up straight.

    Lowes sounds like a good company to work for- I like it as a customer because it is not as much of a zoo as Home Depot- but I can see that it could be boring when it is slow.

  2. Hi Mainely,

    I’m still reading through your writing here, but I got to the part about your mouse-guest, Herbie, and decided to write.

    I don’t know which humane trap methods you’ve used so far but I discovered one online and it works like a charm.

    Get a paint bucket, the kind that’s a bit on the tall side, like two foot or more tall (alternatively, you could use one of those tall kitchen trash cans). The interior walls of the bucket (or can) have to be absolutely smooth.

    Drill two holes in the top of the bucket so that a dowel can be passed through the holes. Get an old metal, smooth food can and remove both top and bottom lids; this will become your barrel. Pass the dowel through the hole on one side of the bucket, put the barrel on the dowel, then pass the dowel through the hole on the other side of the bucket. On the barrel put a bit of birdseed or a small bit of peanut butter.

    Then get a piece of wood long enough to rest on the outside of the bucket and reach the top of the bucket; this will serve as the ramp for Herbie to reach the metal food barrel.

    Some folks out there put about two inches or so of water in the bottom of the bucket or poison of some sort. My intent is to relocate rather than kill, so I don’t add water, etc., to my set up.

    You should see Herbie in the bucket the next morning, safe and sound, ready for relocation. Oh, you might want to have the paint bucket lid handy for transport purposes. Also, when you transport Herbie, make sure it’s a fair distance away (like at least a block or more) from your house, otherwise Herbie will be right back again by nightfall; mice are smart that way. 🙂

    Good luck!
    Cap’n Toni….

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