I’m not vain, but I would totally do me.

“The pain of all these events has made me jaded, cynical, and honestly sometimes a bit cruel. However. Because of all of it, I know that I can say that I’m tough as fucking nails, and enjoy the good things I have so much. Because of all of this, I have the good friends that I do. I have stories that top most anyone’s at the bar. People talking shit just amuse the fuck out of me, because my life is one long string of “Been there, done that.” Hell, I probably did most of it before I was 23. I’m old and grizzled, and not easily impressed anymore. I’m also not dead.”

Nihilism is Pointless.

One of the things that I think makes me a terrible transgender person, is that I have a hard time accepting the tropes and cliches of my culture and community.  Among these tropes that I loathe is the obsession with clothing.  To give you an idea of how much I loathe it, the closest thing I have to a “Designer Label” is Eddie Bauer thermals I get at Sam’s Club.  That’s right, I don’t even shop at the haute coture warehouse stores.  Jewelry?  Do leather cuffs count and hemp bracelets count?  Only if you’re transitioning into Johnny Depp.  Obsessive levels of feminist activism?  I barely comprehend gender equality issues.  I would go so far as to say that I get about as far as being pro-choice, but then I waffle about the complications of that too.  However, I think the one trope of being transgender I hate the most is…

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